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加入我們手機專案團隊, 您將參與國際級的手機產品專案,與國內外的手機研發優秀人才共事,開發出下一代相機最佳系統,讓使用者享受前所未有的流暢體驗。

您將參與專案的手機品牌, 目前已經走入北美、印度、英國、法國、義大利、芬蘭等38個地區,累積百萬以上的使用者,並獲得《時代週刊》、《福布斯》、《華爾街日報》等國際主流媒體的高度評價。

Job responsibilities:
1. Feature development with Agile methodologies for in-house applications.
2. Software maintenance (AOSP upgrades, feature integration, bug fixes, etc.)
3. Software Optimization for memory usage, power consumption, performance to improve overall software quality.
4. Auto-testing tool implementation.
5. New technology survey & phase in.


1. Bachelor degree or above with major in CS, EE, Mathematics, etc.
2. Mastering of Java, C/C++, or Kotlin is necessary.
3. More than 3 years of experience in Android framework or application development.
4. Experience in Launcher, SystemUI, Gallery or Android framework will be a big plus.
5. Logical thinking and self-motivated with good communication skills.
6. Act as a team player and quick learner.


1M ~ 1.8M TWD/year

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About us

你是否在尋找讓你得以實現腦袋裡的天馬行空的工作空間? 你現在的工作遇到coding瓶頸卻求助無門嗎? 你擔心下一份工作讓自己的技術裹足不前嗎?訊真科技是一家美商軟體公司,專精於研究與開發Cloud Computing, Mobile Application, Business Intelligence, In-Vehicles Infotainment, Telecom Value-Added Solution等極具市場競爭力的領域之產品/專案。我們在台灣接近百人的規模中,沒有複雜的公司制度,也沒有沈重的人事包袱,有的不過就是都愛寫程式,都愛分享技術的熱忱。

訊真科技著重的技術包括:JAVA, JSP, Struts, J2EE, Hibernet, Erlang, Angular, Jersey, Bootstrap, jQuery, Linux...等。
如果考慮轉職的你只懂上述技術的一部分,我們仍然歡迎你來與我們談談;而如果剛畢業的你什麼都不懂,但Computer Science底子扎實,我們會培養你。藉由大型系統專案的磨練,前瞻性產品的開發,你絕對有機會在最短的時間內累積大型系統架構的技術與經驗。如果你是受夠了只把Java寫在小application上的熱血青年,歡迎你與我們一同以Java創造更多可能!


TrueTel Technologies is an international start-up company with headquarters in Silicon Valley, USA and an R&D center in Taipei. We specialize in building the next generation platform to deliver applications and services of converged communications services. Our expertises include IP Telephony, AIN/IN, VoIP, WAP, and OSS. We are familiar with standards and APIs including SS7, H.323, SIP, MGCP, JTAPI, PARLAY, and JAIN. Our software technologies are based on state-of-the-art distributed object oriented environment such as Enterprise Java Beans and CORBA. We target carrier-grade communications services providers as our customers and will explore the revolutionary IP communications market in the global space. We don't just offer jobs; we offer an opportunity that you cannot afford to miss.


Natalie Lin

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