Client Relationship Development Manager


About the Company

Tsaitung is a platform for restaurants to purchase vegetable ingredients from producers. With our data algorithm, disruptive business model, and network of producers and restaurants, we are revolutionizing toward a modern agricultural supply chain.  Starting off downtown of Taipei City, Tsaitung builds a transparent platform that many of our restaurant partners rely on every day. On one hand, we ensure our restaurant partners get qualified ingredients with the highest service level and the most competitive costs. On the other hand, we help our producer partners connect to the marketplace more effectively with greater demand visibility. Tsaitung loves foods – and we are striving to shape better agriculture in Taiwan. 


The Client Relationship Development Manager will develop growth strategy, lead effective Client team to achieve exceptional client satisfaction of Tsaitung's services, and ensure solid execution toward Company's goals.


What you will do? 1. Business Planning - Develop growth strategies - Develop action plans for Client Relationship Development team to achieve business goals 2. Client Services - Supervise Client Service effort to reach excellent client satisfaction and perfect retention 3. Business Development - Lead the business development analysis and drive data-based execution 4. Sales - Drive lead closing with Sales effort - Ensure the quality of Sales effort and develop improvement plans to improve and to strengthen Sales efforts Job Specific Qualifications: - Think analytically - Has demonstrated leadership especially in leading change - Is result-oriented - Is open-minded and able to develop trust effectively - Is highly aware of changes in clients and in industry - Owns strong problem-solving and creative skills - Owns knowledge of Google Sheets at an expert level General Personalities: - You love Taiwan’s agriculture and want to contribute to it. - Passionate with a great work ethic - High Energy; self-starter - Ability to thrive in unstructured and unregulated environment - Get stuff done mentality - Ability and eagerness to learn new things - You have a good sense of humor and like to have fun Desired, not required: - Knowledge of restaurants or producers is a huge plus - Experience in sales capacity in the insurance industry - Having managed complex production processes and known quality grading in the Agricultural sector. - Having engaged in agricultural ingredient purchase function Join our Tsaitung family. We will be transforming the definition of Taiwan’s agriculture.


50K ~ 90K TWD /






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品質管理師, 營運部

全職初階32K ~ 45K TWD / 14 天前更新

Quality Assurance Specialist, Operations

全職初階32K ~ 45K TWD / 14 天前更新


儲備經理, 客戶關係發展

全職初階30K ~ 40K TWD / 14 天前更新

Management Associate, Client Relationship Development

全職初階30K ~ 40K TWD / 14 天前更新

實習生, 客戶關係發展

實習生155 ~ 155 TWD / 小時14 天前更新

Intern, Client Relationship Development

實習生155 ~ 155 TWD / 小時14 天前更新

Analyst, Corporate Development & Finance Accounting

全職初階42K ~ 55K TWD / 14 天前更新

分析師, 企業發展與財會

全職初階42K ~ 55K TWD / 14 天前更新


全職中高階50K ~ 90K TWD / 14 天前更新


全職初階26K ~ 50K TWD / 14 天前更新

Client Relationship Development Specialist

全職初階26K ~ 50K TWD / 14 天前更新



全職初階25K ~ 29K TWD / 14 天前更新

Associate, Client Relationship Development

全職初階25K ~ 29K TWD / 3 個月前更新


Web Developer

全職初階40K ~ 80K TWD / 14 天前更新


全職初階40K ~ 80K TWD / 14 天前更新


Operations Manager

全職初階35K ~ 55K TWD / 14 天前更新

Operation Analyst

全職初階30K ~ 45K TWD / 14 天前更新


全職初階30K ~ 45K TWD / 14 天前更新


全職初階35K ~ 55K TWD / 14 天前更新


Site Operations Manager

合同工初階28K ~ 38K TWD / 14 天前更新


合同工初階30K ~ 38K TWD / 14 天前更新



業務/業務經理 Sales/Sales manager