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2020-08-19Tech » Other

Job Description

About the Company

Tsaitung is a platform for restaurants to purchase vegetable ingredients from producers. With our data algorithm, disruptive business model, and network of producers and restaurants, we are revolutionizing toward a modern agricultural supply chain.  Starting off downtown of Taipei City, Tsaitung builds a transparent platform that many of our restaurant partners rely on every day. On one hand, we ensure our restaurant partners get qualified ingredients with the highest service level and the most competitive costs. On the other hand, we help our producer partners connect to the marketplace more effectively with greater demand visibility. Tsaitung loves foods – and we are striving to shape better agriculture in Taiwan. 


Web Developer will understand deeply about Company's operation, business, and client needs, and thus is able to quickly prioritizes developments for Company's growth. The scope of work includes assessments for web development, prototype development, re-iteration with users, system OPS, and continuous enhancement of webpages and user experience. 


What you will do?

1. Design and develop React webapps
2. Communicate development requirements across functions
3. Enhance web design, operating efficiency, and user experience

Job Specific Qualifications:

Personal aspects:
- Analytical thinker, able to solve complex problems by observing real data
- Great data gathering and analysis skills
- You communicate clearly and effectively with people from diverse backgrounds
- You know how to turn data into information and information into insights

Technical aspects:
- Has solid understanding of HTML, javascript, and CSS
- Has experience of any fron-end frameworks, such as ReactJS, AngularJS, VueJS, etc.
- Is able to define and enhance specifications

General Personalities:

- You love Taiwan’s agriculture and want to contribute to it.
- Passionate with a great work ethic
- High Energy; self-starter
- Ability to thrive in unstructured and unregulated environment
- Get stuff done mentality
- Ability and eagerness to learn new things
- You have a good sense of humor and like to have fun

Desired, not required:

- is familiar with react-native
- Has experience of developing and maintaining databases, not limited to either SQL or No-SQL
- is familiar with any backend language
- is familiar with AWS or GCP
- Has experience of system architecture design
- Has experience with any static type checking techniques in Javascript (Flow, TypeScript, ReasonML...)

Join our Tsaitung family. We will be transforming the definition of Taiwan’s agriculture.

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About us

菜蟲農食是一個提供餐廳直接向生產者採購蔬菜食材的平台。 基於數據演算法、革新的商業模式、以及我們的餐廳夥伴及生產者網絡,我們正在推動現代、環境永續的農產運銷。

從台北市出發,菜蟲農食正打造許多餐廳每天依賴透明的平台: 一方面我們確保餐廳夥伴能獲得高品質的食材、服務、以及成本優勢,另一方面我們協助生產夥伴更明確了解市場需求,並更有效的連結至消費市場。

我們的創辦團隊背景組成多元,成員具備跨國頂尖企業多元之經驗,包括美商寶僑(Procter & Gamble)、英商聯合利華(Unilever)、丹麥商快桅(Maersk Line)、中國商阿里巴巴集團生鮮食品子公司盒馬鮮生、台灣最大餐飲集團王品集團、台灣最大蔬食集團Mia Cucina、中國商美團等業界一流公司之經驗,同時具備美國密西根大學(University of Michigan, Ann Arbor)經濟、環境、麻省理工學院(Massachusetts Institute of Technology)計算科學、西儲大學(Case Western Reserve University)工業工程、台、清、交資訊工程等堅實的學術背景,能快速的將跨界創新帶入傳統的農產運銷領域中,建立基於數據、流程、以及網路技術所推動的產業進步。

自2017年九月開始營運以來,我們的團隊從一人成長至現在(2020年6月)的超過六十人,每天供應超過三公噸的蔬果,並於過去一年實現了多倍數的成長,更獲得了PChome與中華電信共同成立的基石創投(https://cornerstonevc.tw/investments/) 以及 行政院國發基金的支持。 然而,這僅是我們的開始而已。 在這個每年總值超過新台幣300億、每年穩定成長4%以上的市場,我們期待能扮演更重要的角色。



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Jennifer Tseng

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