Senior Electronic Engineer 電子高級工程師

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Job Description

About the job :
You, in TSC Auto ID Ltd., will be working with an exciting, friendly and well-experienced team with applying your trade to product development and support, and new technology research and design. Here, you will be able to utilize communication skill to propose your creative and innovative initiatives and to exert your energy to make products and yourself reach a more advanced level by means of executing every tasks, missions and your inventive ideas completely and continuing absorbing new cutting-edge knowledge.

As a Mobile Computer Electrical Engineer within advanced technology and projects, you will be responsible for electrical architecture and all aspects of electrical design for products: from design, to validation, and manufacturing.

You'll contribute a background in Electrical Engineering (EE) design and knowledge of hardware development for products in Auto ID industry. You will help define architecture, provide design, test and validation requirements, oversee physical engineering design layout, lead boards bring up and work cross-functionally on system integration. Additionally, you'll work cross-functionally with a mechanical engineering, firmware engineering, production engineering team, etc. to deliver systems to production. In this role, you'll need to travel to support engineering builds occasionally.


Responsibilities :
• Develop hardware design independently for exclusive Mobile Computer products from concept into production.
• Handle EE related failure analysis, root cause diagnosis, and system-level problem solving on products and platforms.
• Verify products based on a test plan and organize, interpret and document test results in detail and logically. Update and modify the test plan if the test method or criterion changes.
• Manage schematic generation, part selection, layout creation, EMC/EMI/ESD strategy, board bring-up, and validation.
• Represent the EE team in meetings with cross-functional Engineering teams. Manage vendors to ensure quality of technical deliverables.
• Upgrade inherent products according to company’s roadmap and the solutions from RMA analysis.
• Develop and modify system level BOMs, and prepare change orders when required.
• Must have a hands-on and solution-oriented mindset.
• Readily expand knowledge to solve the problem at hand.

• 獨立開發從概念到生產的專屬掌上型電腦產品的硬件設計。
• 處理產品和平台上與EE 相關的故障分析、根本原因診斷和系統級問題解決。
• 根據測試計劃驗證產品,並詳細而有邏輯地組織、解釋和記錄測試結果。 如果測試方法 或標準發生變化,則更新和修改測試計劃。
• 管理原理圖生成、零件選擇、佈局創建、EMC/EMI/ESD 策略、電路板啟動和驗證。
• 在與跨職能工程團隊的會議中代表 EE 團隊。 管理供應商以確保技術交付的質量。
• 根據公司的路線圖和 RMA 分析的解決方案升級固有產品。
• 開發和修改系統 BOM,並在需要時準備變更單。
• 必須具有動手能力和以解決方案為導向的思維方式。
• 隨時擴展知識以解決手頭的問題。


Qualifications :
• Minimum 8 years of industry experience in schematic design, layout, fabrication, validation and testing of a complete platform. Experience designing and delivering products.
• Experience in driving EE related factory processes and moving products into production.
• Experience with electrical and electronic lab equipment (oscilloscopes, logic analyzers, function generators, etc.).
• Experience with ARM/MPUs platform development and system architecture design(Preferably with Android and Apple platform design experience ).
• Ability to verify products regarding test plans and to fix bugs independently.
• Capability of investigating customer application and production quality issues for root causes, and figuring out a solution to solve them.
• Competent cross-functional communication skills.
• Open mind to accept and initiate any innovative, creative and practical ideas and methods.
• Determination to execute each mission thoroughly.
• Self-motivated with plenty of initiatives.
• Organized and able to multitask.
• BS or higher degree in Electrical engineering/Computer Science.
• OrCAD and Allegro/PADs.
• Microsoft Office tools.

• 至少8 年在完整平台的原理圖設計、佈局、製造、驗證和測試方面的行業經驗。有設計和交付產品的經驗。
• 在推動與EE 相關的工廠流程和將產品投入生產方面的經驗。
• 具有電氣和電子實驗室設備(示波器、邏輯分析儀、函數發生器等)操作的經驗。
• 具有 MPU &ARM 平台開發和系統架構設計的經驗(最好有安卓平台or IPAD 相關經驗)。
• 能夠根據測試計劃驗證產品並獨立修復錯誤。
• 能夠調查客戶應用和生產質量問題的根本原因,並找出解決這些問題的解決方案。
• 可以勝任跨職能溝通技巧。
• 以開放的心態接受和發起任何創新、創造性和實用的想法和方法。
• 決心徹底執行每項任務。
• 自我激勵,有很多主動性。
• 有條理,能夠同時處理多項任務。
• 電氣工程/計算機科學學士學位或更高學位。
• OrCAD 和 Allegro/PADs。
• Microsoft Office 工具

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8 years of experience required
40,000 ~ 70,000 TWD / month
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公司旗下有兩大行業領先品牌:TSC 和 Printronix Auto ID,擁有超過 65 年的相關行業經驗和強大的當地銷售工程支援,多年來持續地投資於新產品研發。TSC Printronix Auto ID 可根據各類型客戶的需求,從小型企業到財富500強公司等,針對解決方案進行快速調整。

TSC Auto ID 提供經濟型桌上型印表機以及高性能工業解決方案, 包括堅固耐用的攜帶式印表機。TSC 印表機以其卓越的性價比而聞名。

Printronix Auto ID 提供優質的企業級應用,包括 RFID 編碼和整合條碼驗證等高階功能。Printronix Auto ID 印表機以其耐用性和可靠性而聞名。

DLS 提供高品質訂制標籤,從空白標籤到全彩高清標籤,所有產品均採用最新的數位柔版列印技術生產。

鼎翰科技 TSC Auto ID Technology Co., Ltd.擁有87項專利,通過ISO9001、ISO14001的認證,全球業務開展超過100個國家,以提供客戶高品質的產品與在地化的服務。多年來的努力已贏得無數客戶口碑與肯定,也讓台灣的品牌「TSC」在國際上嶄露頭角!


• 近三十年在條碼標籤列印機產品設計與專業代工生產豐富經驗,製造耐用與方便使用的條碼標籤印表機

• 條碼標籤列印機全球安裝已超過四百萬台

• 全球前五大條碼標籤印表機製造商


• 提供市場上最高性價比產品

• 隨機附贈Bartender與DiagTool軟體,安裝條碼標籤列印機更簡易;TSPL-EZ韌體支援ZPL 與 EPL2之程式語言,替換其他廠牌之 條碼標籤列印機更方便

• 工程團隊與業務支援服務,提供零售經銷商與終端用戶最有效率的服務

• TSC自有生產工廠,提供客戶客製化彈性及服務

• 致力於各式新產品開發,持續提昇產品競爭力,滿足各式熱感/熱轉式之標籤列印


• 2022 –取得衛生福利部國民健康署健康職場認證健康促進標章

• 2021 –取得ISO 45001:2018 職業健康與安全管理系統(OHSMS)驗證

• 2020 –天下雜誌「快速成長一百強」企業

• 2020 –產品系列榮獲2020台灣精品獎

• 2018 –產品系列榮獲2018台灣精品獎

• 2018 –取得健康職場認證健康促進標章

• 2016 –取得健康職場認證健康啟動標章

• 2015 –榮獲CG6009通用版公司治理制度評量認證

• 2014 –榮獲櫃買中心金桂獎

• 2013 –產品系列榮獲2013台灣精品獎

• 2012 –榮獲CG6006通用版公司治理制度評量認證

• 2012 –產品榮獲2012台灣精品獎

• 2012 –榮獲富比士雜誌評比「亞太地區200大最佳中小企業」

• 2011 –榮獲富比士雜誌評比「亞太地區200大最佳中小企業」

• 2010 –榮獲勤業眾信頒發亞太區「高科技、高成長500強」獎項


176 ~ 176 TWD / hour


Entry level
35K ~ 55K TWD / month