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GM Office 儲備幹部 (MA Program)

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Job Description

因應集團規模快速成長及新事業體之積極拓展,我們正在尋求各地精英人才加入瓦城團隊, 只要您符合條件,歡迎您加入我們的【MA Program】儲備幹部培訓計畫,並將以擔任集團主管職為培訓目標!!

〔We need You!〕

- 理解力強、思路敏捷,在遭遇問題時能夠找出問題點,勇於面對困難及解決問題。
- 善於溝通、接受挑戰,擅長對內對外之溝通協調,並展現與不同業務單位的團隊合作能力,渴望為集團長期目標發揮個人影響力。
- 積極主動的執行力,懂得快速調整節奏,可在快速變化的環境中獨立工作、不停學習、不畏懼挑戰。


A.【策略專案MA】 TTFB GM Office Strategy Planning Management Trainee

-需求: 財會相關科系or MBA畢業,具備能力: 財務數據分析、報表製作、市場分析等。
-工作內容: 將參與集團事業體與新事業體相關的重要專案,協助主管追蹤相關專案之後續與匯報。
-Requirements: Graduated from finance or accounting-related department or MBA, with abilities: financial data analysis, report production, market analysis, etc.
-Work content: Participate in important projects related to the Group's business units and new business units, and assist managers in tracking the follow-up and reporting of related projects.
When encountering problems, you can propose effective improvement methods and put forward action plans to improve efficiency. This position will cultivate your ability to establish and optimize project management processes to achieve project goals.

B.【生產管理專案MA】 TTFB GM Office Production Excellence Management Trainee

-需求:工業工程相關科系or MBA畢業,具備能力: 邏輯佳,善思考,跨部門溝通能力佳。
-工作內容: 將參與集團運營、事業經營相關的重要專案進度,將追蹤相關專案後續與匯報,協助改良現有方案,並能夠提出增進生產效率之行動方案,此職務能培養您建立與優化專案管理流程之能力、達成專案目標。
-Requirements: Graduated from a related department of industrial engineering or MBA.
Ability: excellent logic sense, great thinking ability, and wonderful inter-departmental communication skills.
-Job Content: Participate in the progress of important projects related to group operation and business operation, track the follow-up and report of relevant projects, assist in improving existing plans, and be able to propose action plans to improve production efficiency. This position can train you to establish and optimize the project management Process ability to achieve project goals.

Interview process

TTFB 集團面試流程

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No requirement for relevant working experience
40K ~ 60K TWD / month
Managing 1-5 staff
Partial Remote Work
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About us


集團自創立起,即以打造「顧客心中最好餐廳」為核心理念,結合知識管理、科學分析與創新作為,從消費者用餐體驗獨創出四大面向: 美味餐飲(Food)、舒適環境(Environment)、細緻服務(Service)和品牌信賴(Trust),提供「最高FEST值」餐飲體驗,持續貼近顧客的需求與感受,引領餐飲市場趨勢。


隨著集團近年展店步伐加速,並計畫將更多品牌帶入國際市場,瓦城泰統對於積極培育人才專業、提升服務品質,亦投注更多資源與心力培育最優秀的團隊 ! 我們致力突破、反應快速及持續創新! 我們熱烈地期待與歡迎您的加入!

TTFB Group has been established for more than 30 years. We have successfully combined oriental culinary skills with science, creating a brand-new business model out of the traditionally complex Eastern food and beverage industry, also demonstrating the possibility of globalizing Eastern food and beverage. The Group currently has 137 directly-operated stores, 8 main in-house brands, and almost 4,000 employees. In the future, we will apply our strong R&D capabilities, rich channel resources, and advantages of chain operations to continue to have breakthroughs and innovation, bringing us closer to the vision and goal of "Becoming the largest Asian cuisine restaurant chain in the world".

Since its establishment, the Group has adhered to our core principles of building the "Best restaurants in customers' hearts". It incorporates knowledge management, scientific analysis, and innovation into consumers' dining experience, which leads to four main aspects, food, environment, service, and trust. Providing the "Best FEST value" dining experience attentive to customers' needs and feelings, continuing to lead the food and beverage industry trends.

The pandemic has accelerated changes in consumption patterns and eating habits around the world. The Group has quickly grasped the market trends amid the pandemic whole time and expanded its diverse operations through precise and accurate systematic analysis and strategic plan


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Mid-Senior level
60K ~ 80K TWD / month

60K ~ 80K TWD / month

Entry level
185 ~ 185 TWD / hour