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You will act as the service manager in security enablement team. In your daily work, you will be the single point of contact between RD/Sustain team and all front-line support force around the world. The major focus of your job is to ensure the support readiness of global support force and support requests from external partners, that includes product/solution knowledge transfer, maintenance of support-related documents/collaterals, meetings/workshops facilitation, regular support readiness status/report, regular communication with all key stakeholders, etc.

To maintain the effectiveness of reported issue resolution and improve customer experience, you will also help to administrate the end-2-end support workflow from customer perspective.



  • Work experience in software industry at least 5+ years, support/customer service related fields at least 3+ years
  • Have a strong knowledge of post-sale processes and practices
  • Experienced in conducting support trainings, delivering support-related materials, collaborating with different stakeholders in support process. Deliverables with proven record is required.
  • Sufficient service management skills including developing responsive service framework, service plan, service level and quality requirement design, tracking service outcome including customer experience and providing regular service quality updates, etc.
  • Professional working proficiency in English
  • Team player and willing to take challenges in a start-up environment
  • Willing to travel oversea and fulfill enablement requirements from regional support forces


  • Have good understanding of software/hardware product lifecycle
  • Experience of software/hardware product development or testing
5 years of experience required
1M ~ 1.7M TWD / year
Optional Remote Work
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睿控網安 ( TXOne Networks ) ,以工業控制系統與關鍵基礎設施保護為主軸研發以 OT 零信任為基礎的資訊安全解決方案,進而提升工業控制系統穩定度與安全性,同時降低運作場域遭受駭客攻擊或病毒感染的風險。


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