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ICS EPP is the next-generation ICS endpoint protection platform that prevents the cyber incidents in the Industrial Control System (ICS), HMI/SCADA, IPC, and other embedded devices/systems in critical infrastructure.

It is specifically designed to protect the mission-critical and high value assets, and optimizes the operational efficiency for mass deployment and maintenance in large factory, while reducing the chance of downtime and operational cost.

We are seeking the experienced software engineer to design and develop high quality software to protect our customers who are large enterprises worldwide. The ideal candidate will be a self-motivated engineer with solid background in backend programming and should be able to closely communicate with Product Manager, Project Manager, Architect, QA engineers and so on, to provide the suitable design for efficient POC validation and fulfill customer needs.

Yêu cầu

Must have:

  1. Bachelor degree or above in Computer Science or related field
  2. 3+ years experienced backend development with Golang
  3. Strong knowledge of GRPC, REST and pub/sub design patterns
  4. Familiar with Docker and Kubernetes
  5. Familiar with Linux shell
  6. Familiar with relational and NoSQL DB schema design and optimization
  7. Experience in Jenkins or other CI/CD service
  8. A self-motivated fast learner with good teamwork and problem-solving skill

Nice to have:

  1. Experience in microservice development
  2. Experience in development in VM platform
  3. Experience in Web threat/vulnerability assessments and risk analysis
  4. Experience on Operational Technology (OT) such as industrial control system (ICS) or IIoT

3 years of experience required
1M ~ 2M TWD / year
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睿控網安 ( TXOne Networks ) ,以工業控制系統與關鍵基礎設施保護為主軸研發以 OT 零信任為基礎的資訊安全解決方案,進而提升工業控制系統穩定度與安全性,同時降低運作場域遭受駭客攻擊或病毒感染的風險。


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