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Mô tả công việc

Who We Are

Variable (高低軟體資訊有限公司) is a highly driven, engineering focused Startup based in Taiwan. Variable services Customers from New York, Los Angeles, Taiwan, and Japan. We build Web and Mobile applications for our demanding customers. 

The Team

As a small company, you will work on a daily basis with a staff of highly motivated engineers. If you love solving hard real-world problems and have a passion for your craft, you’ll love working with us.

Job description

As a Principal Full Stack Engineer, you are responsible for helping to define the technical direction of the Products. You will write requirements, develop, and ensure the quality of the web applications, end-to-end. You will help design and architect solutions to real-world problems, put together time and effort estimates, and build client-facing products that are efficient and beautiful. You will work with Product to translate Product requirements to technical requirements. You will work with other Engineering teams based with the clients to build and maintain the solutions.


  • Work with Product to translate Product requirements to technical requirements
  • Define the technical direction of the Products
  • Work with all teams (Engineering, Product, Solutions, Customer Success, etc) to roll-out new client-facing products, feature enhancements, and bug fixes
  • Develop in a fast-paced startup environment using agile development principles.
  • Develop new visualizations to provide to clients
  • Conduct Quantitative quality testing on code (code coverage, unit tests) and web application usage (Google Analytics, Pendo, etc)

No recruiters, applicants only.

Yêu cầu


  • 6+ years of Javascript or NodeJS experience
  • 3+ years experience with Javascript frameworks (Angular, React, VueJS, or other)
  • 3+ years experience with other programming languages (Python, Erlang, Ruby, Java, Perl, PHP, or other)
  • Minimum BA/BS or equivalent
  • Experienced with AWS (or other Cloud Platforms).
  • Experienced with writing unit tests
  • Experienced with Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (AWS Pipeline, Jenkins, Travic-ci, etc)
  • Hands-on experience with RDS or Document-store databases (e.g. MySQL, PostgreSQL, BigQuery, Redshift, Snowflake, etc.)
  • Strong teamwork and communication skills.
  • Bonus
    • Understands and can visualize end-to-end data flow within a software application.
    • Experience with modern data pipelines using tools such as AWS Kinesis, Lambda, ECS, Airflow etc.
    • Experience with Marketing Analytics, or analytics in general

Interview process

We will first have an initial call that will gauge your suitability for the position. If that goes well, we will provide a coding challenge. Once you complete the coding challenge and it is accepted, you will meet the team and go through a technical interview process with two team members (one hour long). Based on your performance, we will move to a third interview with the manager of the team. After meeting with the manager, if that process goes well, we will bring you onboard. 



Về chúng tôi

Variable is a small boutique development shop that focuses on providing architecture and development services to its clients. Variable works with companies such as Giant Bicycles (捷安特股份有限公司), Philips, Dyaco (岱宇國際), Convertro, Oath, Verizon, Digital A.I.R., and Measured, Inc. We are a team that commits to embedding ourselves as part of the team with our clients and working hand in hand to build amazing products. If you enjoy new and exciting challenges, Variable is the place for you. We work with the latest technologies for the backend, frontend, and data warehouse.


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