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Verdigris is on a mission to sustain and enrich human life through responsive energy intelligence. We automate energy management and predict unseen equipment failures in mission-critical buildings. This is a critical step for autonomous, sustainable environments responsive to their inhabitants. Extraordinary outcomes need exceptional teams. As a company, we value collaborating and growing.

About you

As a Hardware Lead, your #1 goal is hardware product design and revision. You also represent the core technical competency of our company. You work with developers to support sales and account teams. You translate complex enterprise needs into deployed and fully integrated solutions. You are a cross-functional collaborator with both breadth and technical depth. You have diverse skills and an ability to dive deep into any subject to figure it out.

About the Taiwan Engineering Team

As a Hardware Lead at Verdigris, you'll support hardware, firmware, testing, manufacturing, and board development for Verdigris' family of sensor products. You'll be responsible for helping these products go from research to production with cross-functional other members of your team.

Job Responsibilities

    • Oversee contract manufacturers and supply chain to improve production quality and reduce cost.
    • Coordinate updates to Verdigris hardware and new product introductions.
    • Lead root cause analysis for hardware defects or failures.
    • Develop and oversee DFM/DFT efforts.
    • Work with customer facing account managers to develop and finalize requirements and manage product development schedules.
    • Develop QA methodologies and work closely with manufacturing partners to implement and monitor through production.
    • Facilitate the application and acquisition of product certification.


Required Qualifications

    • You hold a degree (bachelors degree or higher) in Electrical Engineering, Mechatronics, Computer Engineering, or similar disciplines in hardware design.
    • You bring knowledge from 5+ years of relevant experience designing embedded electrical systems.
    • You have worked with vendors and suppliers for tooled parts and contract manufacturing.
    • You have experience with IoT management and connectivity paradigms
    • You speak English at a professional level.
    • You've seen a full commercial product life cycle.
    • You have digital circuit design experience
    • You have embedded systems design experience, including embedded architecture definition (MCU and peripheral selection), and energy optimization for low power consumption.
    • You can debug at the board level (Oscilloscope/ logic analyzer/ JTAG)
    • You are able to travel to contract manufacturer’s factories to resolve technical issues.

Nice to Haves

    • Experience guiding teams and establishing best practices.
    • You are experienced in mechanical and industrial design and can make appropriate tradeoffs for product design.
    • You have experience with DFx, compliance certifications (CB/UL), and Electro-Magnetic Interference (EMI)
    • You are current with the open-source community on computing platforms and their designs.
    • You have experience working in a startup or similar agile environments.
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About us

Verdigris 能源監控系統是一項前瞻的能源管理技術。安裝後可即時追蹤、通知及偵測電力異常事件。結合專利傳感器和人工智能,Verdigris 了解建築物的運作方式,並幫助診斷設備問題和管理能源。

Verdigris 綠銅科技成立於加州的美國太空總署 Ames 研究中心,客戶遍及九個國家。 Verdigris 由國際著名風險投資支持,至今募集了兩千兩百萬美元的資金。 Verdigris 目前專注於對能源及關鍵設備管理有需求的設施,如製造業,旅館和醫院。客戶包括 Nvidia,研華,Grand Hyatt,NASA,Jabil 以及 Bechtel 等等。

Verdigris 將獨家無線感應器夾在主電源、配電盤和電路上,收集電流以及電壓資料,並且運用自家的人工智慧演算法提供客戶深入的見解資料;甚至可將原始資料販售給大樓管理單位或是與大樓的管理系統進行整合,自動控制用電情況。(NVIDIA 正在研究如何將 Verdigris 的技術用在降低自家矽谷園區的用電量)

現有電表運作方式,多數建築物偶爾派人以走動方式查核用電量,Verdigris 的數位系統可隨時將用電量資料上傳到雲端。藉由預測問題和找出優化及自動化的區域,可以加快企業的動作和完成更多工作,像是旅館主管能在客人注意到前,便查覺和解決建築物的問題。

Verdigris 也期望未來能將其技術運用於提高能源使用效率和降低碳足跡上。最終期望 Verdigris 的技術不只是用在智慧建築優化上,還能用在智慧城市方面。透過頻寬成本大幅跌落,還有感應器和資料收集、處理以及儲存技術的成長,推動人工智慧的蓬勃發展,使這些目標得以完成。

Verdigris 台灣分公司成立於 2018 五月,目標為亞洲區市場,包括中國、香港、韓國、日本、越南、馬來西亞、新加坡。分部地點位於 Garage+ (。

Founded at NASA Ames in California, Verdigris has customers in 9 countries. Verdigris is venture-backed by many prestigious venture capitals.

Verdigris' mission is to sustain and enrich human life through responsive energy intelligence. We provide an intelligent building energy monitoring system for commercial and industrial (C&I) buildings, built to provide greater transparency and automated savings at an affordable cost. Our goal is simple - make buildings responsive. With people spending 92% of their time in buildings, we want to create a world where buildings take care of people, not the other way around.

Too often we find ourselves wasting valuable resources resolving building issues, from broken equipments to high energy balances. We want to remove that burden from people with smart technology. This started with us gathering building data and turning them into actionable insights, resulting in a powerful energy management platform. However we’re not stopping there - we’re working hard to make it even more integrated so that buildings become autonomous and responsive to people. We are currently focuses on critical use facilities such as manufacturing, hotels and hospitals. Clients include Jabil, Nvidia, Amazon, Advantech, Hyatt, Marriott, T-mobile and more. With better data, you can make smart decisions.


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