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Job Description

• Manage and lead security projects and initiatives.
• Provide domain expertise for cloud security solutions.
• Establish security requirements for cloud-based proposals.
• Lead security evaluations of cloud based architecture, hybrid designs and custom software deployments that use cloud native platforms (Docker, Kubernetes, etc.)
• Provide recommendations for improving cloud security posture.
• Conduct threat modeling and assist with software security analysis.
• Work with administrators to remediate vulnerabilities.
• Deploy and maintain on-prem and cloud security infrastructure and software solutions.
• Detect, manage and contain security incidents.
• Develop security standards, policies and procedures.
• Assist with security awareness initiatives.


• Strong familiarity with Linux and Windows operating systems and cloud provider ecosystems like Amazon AWS, GCP
• Practical knowledge of Cloud foundation services related to compute, network, storage, content delivery, administration and security, deployment and management, automation technologies
• Robust micro services programming (AWS Lambda, Docker, etc.)
• Extensive experience architecting, designing, and programming applications and ample experience in high level programming languages such as Go, Java, Python, PHP,Javascript.
• Capability architecting highly available systems that utilize load balancing, horizontal scalability and high availability
• DevOps know-how building and deploying infrastructure with cloud deployment, build and test automation technologies like ansible, chef, puppet, docker, jenkins, etc.
• Understanding of complex enterprise environments and current technology areas like cloud and mobility
• Certification: It is important that applicants for the cloud security engineer position have CISSP or equivalent security-related industry certifications and AWS Associate or higher Certification
• Excellent analytical and troubleshooting skills: It is also essential that applicants have the necessary technical skills to constantly monitor systems to identify threats and vulnerability, execute security architecture, and ensure there are no external threats.

The certifications most favored for cloud security are those focused on network architecture and administration, including:
• Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP)
• Certified Information Security Manager (CISM)
• Information Systems Security Architecture Professional (ISSAP)
• Certified Cloud Security Professional (CCSP)

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