Job Description

• Design, build, test, and refine new products and web services with teamwork.
• Identify fundamental problem from market requirement and propose solutions based on product needs.
• Architect solution while developing technical plan and targets across WEB and API’s domains.
• Design and expand on database schema.
• Improve efficiency of deployment and testing via CI/CD processes.
• Scale architecture with modern technologies leveraging AWS and multi-clouds
• Refactor code for readability and extensibility.
• Develop awesome algorithms to solve problems.


• 5+ years of experience building and operating data representation user interface.
• Must be comfortable with SQL, NOSQL and multi-master sync technology.
• Brainstorm and prototype new concepts and approaches quickly.
• Keeping up-to-date on technology techniques and trends.
• Work with Angular2+/React.js, JavaScript, PostgreSQL, Express or Koa.
• Familiar with Node.js and full stack Frameworks.
• Familiar with AWS, cloud technologies, continuous integration and delivery tool chain.
• Good understanding of Network protocols and function programming.
• Good to have E-Commence or business intelligent industry experience.
• C++, Python language, .NET framework is a plus.
• With Github is a plus.


50K ~ 80K TWD/month

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