Computer Vision Engineer

Job Description

· Perform research to make reinforcement learning more applicable to real world problems. 
· Provide research consultancy on applied projects: determine the scope  of the problem, the best place to apply machine learning, and evaluate different approaches. 
· Interface with product teams to identify potential new problem areas for future projects. 
· Integrate new fundamental research ideas into applied projects. 
· Collaborate with Software Engineers to design and run experiments, including designing and evaluating new algorithms as well as implementing known algorithms. 
· Report and present experimental results and research findings clearly  and efficiently, both internally and externally. 


Knowledge Must have: • Proven knowledge in deep learning. Nice to have: • Solid background in machine learning. Implement Experience Must have: • Python or C++ and with a desire to learn more. • Experiences in developing computer vision algorithms (FITAMOS: Face/Image/Text/Audio/Motion/Object/Scene) • Experiences in developing algorithms in Linux environment. Nice to have: • Experiences in using TensorFlow and / or Caffe (or related tools) Research Experiences Must have: • Experiences in computer vision (FITAMOS). Nice to have: • Experiences in deep learning. Best to have: • Have deep learning related publications related to network architecture or computer vision (FITAMOS).


50K ~ 90K TWD / month



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