DevOps Engineer(Ad Network)


[About Job] 
- Build & operation container based platform with Nomad / Consul / Kubernetes. 
- Manage service availability and scalability through better monitoring, processes, and infrastructure. 
- Support existing CI/CD flow & functions and optimize it. 
- For delivering solution, to design, implement, and operate the backend infrastructure and in-the-cloud service which are about large, fast, and robust. 
- Continue to review our develop toolset or flow, and provides feedback on the optimization. 

[About You] 
- 2+ years relevant experience. 
- Expertise in hands-on coding and scripting in at least two languages (Shell, Python, Go, PHP, JAVA, JavaScript etc) 
- Experience in administration and operation of public cloud platforms (e.g. AWS, 阿里雲, IBM Cloud) 
- Experience in Docker operation . 
- Experience with CI/CD & Automation systems (eg Ansible, Puppet, Salt, Chef, Jenkins) . 
- Experience with monitoring, alerting, and log pipeline analysis tools (Nagios, Graylog2, etc.) 
- Good collaboration and communication with team member 


[More About You] - Scala, Ruby or Python is plus - Experience on Hadoop ,Hive ,Spark is plus - Experience on NoSQL solution like Couchbase, Redis, ..., etc is plus


900K ~ 1.2M TWD /





資深軟體工程師 Senior Software Engineer(Ad Network)

全职中高阶900K ~ 1.2M TWD / 2 天前更新

Senior DevOps Engineers/ Team Lead

全职总监/主管1.5M ~ 1.8M TWD / 2 天前更新

R&D Manager

全职总监/主管1.4M ~ 2M TWD / 28 天前更新

【Intern】Machine Learning Engineer

实习生190 ~ 190 TWD / 小时大约 2 个月前更新

(前端)數據合作與廣告製作工程師 Ad tech Engineer

全职初阶630K ~ 900K TWD / 4 个月前更新

Data Analyst (Analytics)

全职中高阶840K ~ 1.68M TWD / 4 个月前更新

Machine Learning Scientist

全职中高阶840K ~ 1.68M TWD / 4 个月前更新

Data Analyst (Insights)

全职中高阶840K ~ 1.68M TWD / 4 个月前更新


資深媒體企劃Senior Media Planner

全职中高阶50K ~ 60K TWD / 大约 1 个月前更新


【Vpon HK】Regional Business Development Manager

全职中高阶440K ~ 700K HKD / 大约 1 个月前更新


【Vpon HK】Regional Account Manager

全职中高阶250K ~ 456K HKD / 大约 1 个月前更新

(資深)媒體管理專員 (Sr.)Media Management Executive

全职初阶540K ~ 624K TWD / 大约 2 个月前更新

[Vpon SH]Account Manager

全职初阶130K ~ 195K CNY / 5 个月前更新



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