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Wavv現在處於開發階段,我們需要後端工程師架構網站,寫後端API,做音樂串流 server。工程師可以兼職,遠程工作。因為Wavv的CTO在台北,所以台灣地區都可以,台北優先考慮。

  • 5+ years experience in backend system / server side development
  • 5+ years experience in Python
  • Familiar with:

* Distributed systems

* Container architecture (docker, kubernette)

* API design (restful, graph)

* Data pipeline

* Web framework (flask, django)

* Cloud environment (AWS, Google CLoud)

* Test framework (unittest, pytest)

* Version control (Git)


  • A quick learner, strong self-study ability, would like to break the boundary.
  • Web3 knowledge is required, as is familiarity with blockchain and proficiency with social media.
  • An avid music listener. Must enjoy/love listen to a wide variety of music. A frequent user of music streaming services.
  • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills.
  • A data-driven approach to problem-solving.
  • A strong cross-team player with excellent communication and collaboration skills.
  • As a startup company, sometimes we may have heavier workload and more challenges, so a strong anti-pressure ability is a plus.

Interview process

Preliminary with Head of Operations, and tech interview with CTO. All will happen online.

5 years of experience required
570 ~ 640 TWD / hour
100% Remote Work
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About us

Wavv a Web3 Music Streaming Platform under the company Folks, Inc. Within the music industry, artists are facing unfair compensation due to the traditional processes and middlemen involved. Major music streaming platforms open artists to a wide range of consumers and fans, however, due to the nature of how revenue is determined within these companies, the time and money it takes for artists to reach consumers ultimately trickle down to artists profiting anywhere around 10-16%. To eliminate the middlemen completely and allow artists to publish and release their music on a streaming platform directly to consumers, we introduce Wavv, a web3 music streaming platform that puts the artists first and builds a community between artists and their fans.