Demi Lee
In charge of marketing, advertising, and corporate business development at New Garden. As a digital native, with storytelling as her core skill, she ascertains the spark between technology and hum...
Alan Shen
致力於將破碎的物聯網生態統整為一個平台、一個模組、一個生態,以實現 CONNECT ALL THINGS 的理念,不只連結物與物、更連結了人與人、人與物、更串連起人、物、知識,進而形成了真正的全新生態:一個利他、共創、共享的生態。
Clyde Chuang
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Wing Lee
Kiki Lin
Pamela Pan
Aoma Liao
目前主力於建置跨平台Flutter APP,以及處理大數據類型後台網站
Sean Yin
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