Product Manager/Assistant

Job Description

  • Owner of the delivery of the roadmap for the managed product line.
  • Research on market changes and generate competitive research report monthly.
  • Gathering user requirements from key stakeholders and working with product teams to create wireframes and process flows.
  • Design and deliver product requirement documentation.
  • Work with Design and Development to define a simple, elegant user experience and represent our customers’ interests in the Product Development process.
  • Manage new features and weekly releases through the full project lifecycle and provide ongoing support, even after launch.
  • Measure and analyze product metrics, feature adoption, customer needs, and business opportunities to guide product design and development and optimize user experience.
  • Identify product and technical issues and actively develop and track solutions.
  • Interact with customers to stay abreast of industry needs, trends and best practices, quickly come up to speed on their technologies, balance diverse requests, and drive issues to resolution.
  • Keep track of all requirements and test processes coming several sources to understand applicability to the product.

XTEAM STUDIO是由一群已經合作長久有默契的團隊成員組成,致力於研發及技術創新,以超越客戶的期待作為第一目標,團隊內部以不斷引進創新技術保持與市場緊密結合,我們希望能吸收更多優秀人才,共同加入我們團隊,一起玩最新技術一起創造有趣的產品。

-Our Domain Expertise

  • 協助國外運營商開發遊戲平台管理系統與相關運營需要的風控等系統
  • 協助國外金流運營商開發第四/三方系統
  • 協助國外遊戲運營商開發遊戲系統
  • 依據客戶需求,滿足與開發增加運營能量的各種系統需求

-Our Vision
Deliver technology to more people.

-Our Mission-
Developing and operating the best products in every focusing domain and market.

-Team Cultures-

We believe in "ASCOT"


Ambition conquers every obstacle.

The market is changing rapidly everyday which makes it difficult to achieve our goal and target while there are so many competitors in the market. It would be mission impossible if there is no ambition to support our team under such circumstances. This is why we believe with ambition in mind, there are no unsolvable problems and obstacles that cannot be overcome. Ambition is the key to drive us continue to move forward.


Speed is the best strategy.

“There is no martial art is indestructible, while the fastest speed is the only way for long success.”

The market changes rapidly, the cost of information acquisition reaches the bottom, and the time span of advantages from market segmentation is getting shorter and shorter. Which makes it crucial to survive in an unpredictable market is maintaining high speed in execution, response, and decision-making, even error handling. Speed is the only way we can thrive and response in the market and also the fundamental value why our customers choose us.


    Continuous communication to ensure best result.

    We value the quality and frequency communication takes place in our team, we believe continuous communication is the best strategy to ensure we’re on the right track and deliver best result, creating a better collaboration, and reduce misunderstandings to our target. Anyone in our team can be your answer to your question, every detail in your communication counts.


      Openness defines our DNA.

      You have ideas about our office hours; you have better suggestions for team collaboration; you have second opinion regarding product planning; you want to give your opinion on technology development roadmap; you have questions how certain things works in the company; you want to know the background of certain decision making process.

      Be open and speak up!

      These are just a few examples of how we embrace openness, in our team, each member can bring up their own ideas regarding basically anything, share their own ideas. We encourage everyone to ask questions, we need everyone to make a sound, this is the key element to create a good team.


        Target is result, always comes first.

        Our top priority always relate to how to achieve our target. Target is result, anything that go against it should be eliminated from our line of work. It always comes first when it comes to how to reach our target regardless of who you are, your seniority and your rank in our team. Any way is a good way if it helps achieving our target.


        -BS in Computer Science or STEM Majors. -Years experience in product management, preferably in a SAAS company, with experience driving product planning, pushing development, and releasing products. -Good presentation skills. -At least 1 shipped title. -Excellent organizational and analytical skills, with the ability to evolve product strategy based on research, data and industry trends. -Nimble and flexible with regards to changing priorities & business needs. Startup experience a plus. -Experience with Gaming/iGaming industry is definitely a plus.


        600K ~ 1.4M TWD / year



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