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Job Description

在Zestea,你正在積極地讓世界變得更美好。我們需要你對發酵天然飲品有絕對的熱情,且關心在地釀造、 食物里程數、永續環保等議題,有相關的快速消費品通路經驗,透過你與外部夥伴合作,一起推動Zestea康普茶的理念,一起創造真實,有機,全天然,不過度加工的飲料,讓消費者有更好的選擇。

  • 參與亞洲康普茶第一新創品牌從0到1,有機會深度參與品牌發展的決策過程
  • 與富有創意的國際化團隊以及創始人密切合作,共同建設一家快速成長的飲料初創企業
  • 有高速成長的個人發展機會

At Zestea you are actively making the world a better place! We need you to have absolute enthusiasm for natural fermented drinks, and care about local brewing, food miles, and sustainability, and have relevant FMCG channel experience. Through your cooperation with external partners, we can promote Zestea Kombucha’s mission to create real, organic, raw and all-natural, and non-over-processed beverages together, so that consumers have better choices.

  • Potential to contribute to the growth of one of the major Kombucha brands within Asia over the next 3-5 years
  • A lot of responsibility and close collaboration with the whole team as well as the Founders / Managing Directors
  • A very diverse role with a large potential for personal growth


  • 至少3年通路開發銷售相關工作經驗(消費品、冷藏飲料、酒類經驗為佳)
  • 有陌生開發與零售經驗,能向現有和潛在客戶展示、推廣和銷售產品或服務
  • 能夠以創新、熱情的方式推廣和營銷品牌產品
  • 能力要求:較強的邏輯和溝通能力及團隊協調力,良好的口頭表達,具備一定文字功底
  • 個性特點性格開朗,有責任心和抗壓力,對新事物保持探索和創新力
  • 每週安排行程定期拜訪既有客戶,維繫穩定客戶關係與品牌一致性
  • 自備汽車交通工具
  • At least 3 years of relevant work experience in channel development and sales (experience in consumer products, refrigerated beverages, and alcohol is preferred)
  • Own On & Off-Premise of assigned territory by building meaningful relationships with new channel partner
  • Ability to function effectively in an intimate, entrepreneurial business environment and can work well with or without supervision
  • Strong self-organization and self-management skills
  • Must have reliable transportation

Interview process

請於[email protected]發送申請,如果您符合我們的要求,我們將在5個工作日內與您聯繫。

Please apply now at [email protected] and we will get back to you within 5 working days.

33,000 ~ 38,000 TWD / month
Optional Remote Work
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About us

Zestea Kombucha的願景是創造真實,有機,全天然,不過度加工的飲料,讓消費者在不喝水的同時有更好的選擇。我們的產品是希望幫助我們的消費者永遠保持在最佳狀態,讓大家過得更快樂,更健康,感覺更棒

We exist to create real, organic, raw and all natural beverage that consumers can have more choice when they are not drinking water, we aim to help them stay at their best so they can live happier, healthier and feel great. Giving consumers an energized lift to their day while keeping their mind and bodies ultimately balanced and regulated.


Mid-Senior level
50K ~ 60K TWD / month