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Logo of ZwickRoell Pte. Ltd. Taiwan Branch Office.
Logo of ZwickRoell Pte. Ltd. Taiwan Branch Office.

ZwickRoell Pte. Ltd. Taiwan Branch Office

Logo of ZwickRoell Pte. Ltd. Taiwan Branch Office.
ZwickRoell Pte. Ltd. Taiwan Branch Office
Logo of ZwickRoell Pte. Ltd. Taiwan Branch Office.
ZwickRoell Pte. Ltd. Taiwan Branch Office

Company summary

Our headquarters in Ulm and our presence around the world

ZwickRoell is a worldwide leading supplier of static materials testing machines. In the area of dynamic testing, we have been successfully providing solutions for fatigue testing systems for decades. We also offer innovative BUP sheet metal testing machines, hardness testing machines and instruments, extrusion plastometers for melt index determination, and products for impact testing.

ZwickRoell materials testing machines are used in the fields of research & development and quality assurance in more than 20 industries. Our experts have a detailed understanding of the individual requirements of each of these industries and meet your specific testing needs with state-of-the-art solutions.

Today, our medium-sized family business is represented by production facilities in Germany, Great Britain, China, Czech Republic and Austria, as well as ZwickRoell subsidiaries in France, Great Britain, Spain, USA, Mexico, Brazil, Turkey, Singapore, Japan and China and our sales and service partners in 56 countries. The ZwickRoell Group’s approximately 1,800 employees continuously work to maintain outstanding technical performance, innovation, quality, and reliability in materials and component testing.

Products or services

ZwickRoell offers a comprehensive portfolio of materials testing machines for a wide variety of applications. Our products include Static materials testing machines, dynamic and fatigue testing machines, automated testing systems, products for impact testing, melt flow indexers, HDT and Vicat, hardness testing machines , modernization of testing systems, pre-owned markets.

Our services includes calibration such as providing professional, traceable calibration for static and dynamic testing machines, pendulum impact testers, hardness testers, and other testing machines. We also calibrate testing machines made by other manufacturers.


Our Company's philosophy is “Passionate Commitment to our Customers.” As a family-run concern with a tradition stretching back 160 years, we place great value on honesty and fairness. Over the years, an ethos of close collaboration based on mutual trust between our partners, suppliers & customers has evolved – something that we all value highly.

Employee benefits

We provide comprehensive remuneration package including insurance coverage and attractive leave policy for all our employees.

Work environment

Friendly, inclusive and cohesive working environment.

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What is the main communication language?

English is complusory. We will require employees to be able to read, write, speak and understand English well so as to be able to communicate with other employees across the various regional countries counterparts. Trainings will also be conducted in English.