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Logo of DATA THINK 數位思維整合行銷.
成立於 2015 年 , 提供整合型行銷服務,高度的自製率以及靈活思維是我們的特色和優勢 團隊襄括各領域專業人才,可滿足客戶多角度行銷與保密需求,從創意發想、企劃執行、軟硬體發包等複合需要
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Logo of Greenbox Data Center.
Greenbox Data Center adalah perusahaan yang bergerak di bidang IT
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Logo of MoMAGIC Data Intelligence.
MoMAGIC is one of the Asia's leading Big Data and AI based mobile advertising company. It offers a Deep Insight based targeting to get better optimized Reach and Value. MoMAGIC Technologies Pvt. Ltd., founded in the year 2011, is a fast-paced, innovative,Data Science driven mobile tech organization, with dominance in South East Asia market. With more than 70+ data intelligence, AI & Marketing experts in Asia, MoMAGIC Technologies is one of the leading Indian companies in the Digital
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Logo of Oakda Data Technology.
Oakda 是一支以 AI 為核心,透過 Chatbot 和 Voice Assistant 為台灣產業開發智慧服務的團隊。 進入 App 精簡化的時代,我們裝的 App 越來越少,相對地更依賴通訊軟體。尤其 LINE 在台灣有高普及率,我們擅長設計 Chatbot 來提升用戶
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Logo of Cosmic Topology Data.
mainstream in the past few years, we have created more digital information than ever before. The staggering amount of data that we have accumulated on hand may become difficult to process. At Cosmic Topology, we can help you solve your data problems! For Cosmic Topology Data Ltd., we help to set up a remote data team more easily for you to do it in Taiwan. We are the guys that familiar with the full stake of data that may help
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Logo of Telus International AI Data Solutions.
TELUS International AI Data Solutions partners with a diverse and vibrant community to help our customers enhance their AI and machine learning models. The work of our AI Community contributes to improving technology and the digital experiences of many people around the world. Our AI Community works in our proprietary AI training platform handling all data types (text, images, audio, video and geo) across 500+ languages and dialects. We offer flexible work-from-home opportunities for people with passion for
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2251 South Decatur Boulevard, Las Vegas, NV, USA
PT. Jaringan Komunikasi Lintas Data (JKLD) was established in April 2017 but officially began operating in 2019 after obtaining a license to provide telecommunications services in 2019. JKLD is domiciled in Jakarta. As a telecommunications network provider, JKLD has an integrated telecommunications network throughout the island of Java.
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GEDUNG CYBER I lt.11, Jl. Kuningan Barat No.8
Logo of 聚典資訊 Ret[AI]ling Data.
圖資系統。未來結合過去亞太區零售諮詢經驗,以亞洲第一大之零售數據諮詢公司為願景。 Ret[AI]ling Data Enterprise, which focuses on the integration of consumer experience and artificial intelligence(A.I.) in Taiwan. Providing the best O2O (online to offline) expansion consultation in retail industry, positioning the expansion ability to urban entity storefronts, moreover, providing the
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Logo of 數據雲科技股份有限公司.
數據雲科技股份有限公司成立於 2023 年,由一群來自台灣和美國矽谷的超強團隊組成,並由感感集團旗下的股感媒體科技所投資。感感集團為提供全方位金融服務的集團公司,而股感媒體為金融
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Logo of 悠由數據應用股份有限公司.
一家快速成長的新創企業,年成長率超過200%,服務客戶涵蓋金融產業、綠能產業、農漁業、國際集團等。 DATAYOO提供數據計算之有效土地面積於2021年超過6,000公傾,我們定位在全球化的數據公司,成為氣候
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