I have more than five years of experience in wireless communication design in the field of notebook computers and desktop computers, and also have experience in designing Network products, which can solve the problems encountered by RF in computer systems, and am good at communicating with internal teams and external Cooperate with manufacturers and make production line SOP to complete each project I like working with people more than designing electronics, looking for business and marketing type jobs

I am curious and love reading, to learn basic knowledge in different fields, I will try to combine different knowledge and common sense, and the most important thing is to constantly understand human nature, because human nature will change with time, which makes me want to constantly explore life

目前職稱 Senior Engineer
[email protected]

Work Experience

Taiwan, Taipei, Compal Electronics, Inc, Senior Engineer 2013/10~2020/05 
Completed Projects 
  • TOSHIBA, HP Notebook (Consumer and Commercial) 
  • Lenovo All in One PC (Consumer and Commercial) 
  • Lenovo YOGA All in One PC with Bluetooth speaker (Commercial) 
  • Google Chrome book 
  • Lenovo LEGION Gaming Notebook (with NVIDIA GPU) 
It is a complicated situation in PC system including CPU, GPU, Embedded controller, DRAM, SSD, WIFI, Bluetooth, Thermal, Speaker, Panel, BIOS, and Software, ID. So we prepare and work together to complete every project.

Taiwan, Taipei, Comtrend Communication, Inc, Senior Engineer 2021/03~Present 
Completed Projects 
  • PLC with WiFi 5 adapter (REALTEK) 
  • WiFi 6 with GPON gateway (REALTEK + ON SEMI) 
  • VDSL Router with WiFi 6 (BROADCOM)  
Network products are durable system products, including CPU, Embedded DRAM, Baseband IC, RF transceiver, Front-End Module(PA/LNA), Antenna, Switch PHY(1G/2.5G/10G), Ethernet, GPON(1G/10G), xDSL, VOIP, so product performance stability is a key point, because It has been used for a long time, and it has been well prepared to complete the overall goal of the customer.


國立臺灣海洋大學, 科學碩士(MS), 電機工程, 2010 ~ 2012

National Taiwan Ocean University, Electrical Engineering, Master Degree, 2010-2012

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