Sean Wu

One year and four months experience in Start-Up, major responsible for HR Dept. and Sales Dept.

Will be starting NTNU MBA(師範大學全球經營與策略研究所)in September, 2022

   [email protected]

  +886 968 - 953 - 029

  Taipei City, Taiwan    

Professional Experiences


Management Intern

mrhost  •  April, 2019 - July, 2020  (Four months and a year)

As a management intern, I rotated between 8 departments and have frequent inter-departmental collaboration. My job duties are described as follows:

1.  Sales Dept.:Conduct B2B sales and Develop new inbound sales channel.
2.  HR Dept.:Recruit 9 interns and being responsible for a fortnight of education and training.
3.  Financial Dept.:Responsible for Central Bank Epidemic Transfer Project.
4.  IT Dept.:Interfacing with contractors to build company websites and track progress.
5.  Operation Dept.:Optimized SOP documents
6.  Customer service dept.:860+ hours of customer service and 10+ customer complaint case.
7.  Warehousing Dept.:Upgrade of storage system and route planning
8.  Marketing Dept.:Copywriting and operation of official WeChat accounts.

Project Experiences(Student)


February, 2019 - June, 2019   (Four months)

A project in which the professor helps to set up the actual company, with the main aim of experiencing real business processes. 

Found the Business Competition Club:project LinQ

2018 - 2019   (One year)

Represented Tamkang in external business competitions and was part of the College of Foreign Languages of Tamkang University. Wins several championship.

Established of the Tamkang elective subjects with 3 course credits 

November, 2018 - Today   

Transform "Project LinQ" into a formal course in Tamkang, with 3 course credits.


National Taiwan Normal University(Master)

MBA Program  •  2022 - Expected to graduate in 2024

Confirmation of admission on 4 March 2022 (admission form on the last page), with entry expected in September 2022.

Tamkang University(Bachelor)

Department of French  •  2016 - 2022 

Equivalent education level in January 2022.

Language Skills

1. Mandarin - Native

2. English - Proficiency(TOEIC 840  September, 2021)

3. French - Medium 

Design Skills

1. Premiere Pro video editing skills. I created several promos video on YouTube, with a maximum of 14,000 views on a single video.

2. Basic Photoshop editing skills.

Leadership Skills

Captain of the Tamkang University Taekwondo Team in the 107th academic year and led the team to a gold and a bronze medal at the National Intercollegiate Athletic Games.

National Taiwan Normal University MBA program admission form

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