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I come from Chiayi, graduated from the Department of Electronic Engineering, Ming Chi University of Technology.

I like to follow current affairs, sports, listen to music and watch movies.

I am an aggressive person, and like to learn new things.I taught myself swift and MySQL, have a thorough training in basic skills in iOS development.

Have good self-learning ability, like to discuss with others during project development, and at the same time ponder their own development ability and thinking logic, and hope to become a leader in the field of programming.

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Object Oriented Programming

Version control





CocoaTouch frame work

Swift Projects

Random User

Through the API provided by Randomuser website, randomly obtain other user information, return it to the APP to display the user information, press the update button and then randomly change the user.

Number Guessing

At the beginning of the game, there is a set of answers. Compete with the computer, and the first guesser wins. After every guess, a prompt of ?A?B will be provided. A means "a few numbers are guessed correctly and the positions are correct", and B means "a few numbers are guessed correctly but the positions are incorrect".

Shopping List

You can add, delete, and edit items you want to purchase in the App according to user preferences, so that you can go to the store to shop more efficiently.


Perform basic operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

Projects currently in progress - Xylophone APP

Xylophone APP

Xylophone is an iOS application that can play xylophone, It is not limited by space, hardware equipment, or time. Share your inspiration and creation with friends at any time, so that your mobile phone becomes a real xylophone.

Difficulties encountered in making the project and solutions

Problems encountered in installing CocoaPods

The installation process was quite arduous. The installation of CocoaPods failed at the beginning, so I decided to use Homebrew, but it didn’t work.

The reason is because mac 10.13.6 and above does not allow Homebrew to use the root user to install.

So solving Ruby is the first. After solving Ruby, you can use gem as library and you can install CocoaPods.

Processing audio / 

Production recording function

The original idea was to record the internal audio file of the Xylophone APP buttons, but this is actually wrong.

The music can be played after decoding. So my thinking logic should be converted to "after the sound source is decoded, play and record at the same time."

So I will use AVMutableComposition() as the direction to develop Xylophone APP.

This experience strongly reminded me how important it is to improve a good design concept.

Unit Test

Using Unit Tests, and other forms of automated testing, can be a great way to protect a code base against regressions and reduce the need for manual testing. Unit tests can also be a nice tool to use when trying to reproduce tricky bugs, and to find the source of memory leaks.

The project is still ongoing. The process of making a side project allowed me to quickly learn to read foreign technical documents and observe the development logic of different developers.

I like to record the process of program development, hoping to become a great software engineer and grow together when sharing with others.

Work Experience

Industrial Engineering Department Intern

南亞科技股份有限公司  •  九月 2017 - 九月 2018

In the third year of university, I went to Nanya Technology Corporation's Industrial Engineering Department for a one-year internship, mainly responsible for DRAM process development, improvement, and manufacturing plants expansion. Integrate the parameters of the five major manufactured machines for engineers, and participate in seven expansion projects, and summarize the coordination status and construction progress with various departments.

The biggest challenge at work is to learn how to put yourself in contact with different departments and think from each other's perspective, discuss together and reach a consensus, so as to facilitate the smooth progress of the construction, and then achieve the maximum benefit for the team. I find that when communicating with colleagues in different departments, the other party usually hopes that their position can be consolidated, so that each other's guard is very strong in the conversation, so I learn to let go of my prejudices and listen to the other party's needs to achieve a benign communication.

I am glad that we successfully meet the schedule for the facility construction project in the end. The supervisor was extremely satisfied with my assistance. He recognized my work as exceeding the work of regular employees.

I am very grateful for the approval of the supervisor at the time!

Mathematics Tutor

私人家教  •  二月 2019 - 六月 2019

During the process of tutoring, what I learned was not just how to teach them theories. It was also very important to teach them the attitude of learning, learning autonomous learning and facing problems.

The students always failed the exams, but later all the exams were over 80 points.

This experience taught me that the theory of knowledge is important, but facing problems and continuous self-learning are the most important.

Agent Manager

SUKIYA:台灣善商股份有限公司(すき家)  •  七月 2019 - 二月 2020

After the university internship, I immediately applied for the Sukiya chain restaurant. I have always been curious and admired about Japan's "Craftsmanship Spirit" culture and the harshness of the process requirements. After the application, it will be distributed to the Zhongxiao Xinsheng branch, which is a high turnover base in Taipei's east district.

The harsh environment promotes the fastest growth. With the leadership of the store manager and the care of colleagues,  I was promoted to the acting store manager in four months and led the team to increase the meal speed by 25%. Thanks to the trust of colleagues and supervisors, learning the role of a leader is not only to serve customers, but also to serve the team.

Extracurricular Activities

Popular Music Club / Director

As the director of a popular music club during college, I learned about event planning, project execution, and emergency troubleshooting during this time.

Not only holding events, but also learning a lot about dealing with others. Because I am the director, I also learn how to be a leader, lead everyone to the same goal, and put the picture in their minds.

Although it is not easy to be the director, I am very fortunate to have this memory in my life. This experience has helped me a lot in the next industry internship.

My Music Creation

Before graduation, I am honored to be able to make graduation songs for all graduates. What a rare opportunity to use my own talents to bless others.

I hope that through this song, I can tell everyone that there are many challenges and confusions in life, but you can't give up. Even if you fall, you can stand up again!

Like reading extracurricular books

As the saying goes, "Reading can take you anywhere." I believe this sentence. Reading the knowledge shared by predecessors and standing on the shoulders of giants helped me see a bigger picture.

I like to go to the bookstore or buy e-books to gain knowledge. I am reading  Blockchain Revolution and Elon Musk recently. Not only do I understand modern technology trends, but the process of understanding how an entrepreneur builds his empire is also very inspiring.