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Dr. Corbin Treacy is a freelance editor, translator, and former professor of French from Minneapolis, Minnesota. He received his MA and Ph.D. in French from the University of Minnesota, where he taught as a graduate assistant. He was previously an assistant professor of French in the Department of Modern Languages at Florida State University.

Previously, Dr. Treacy also taught high school French in the Philadelphia area. He has also worked as an English teacher to French students in Orléans, France, after graduating from the University of Wisconsin-Madison with a BA in English.

In addition to authoring a considerable body of original research in the field of French Studies, Dr. Treacy has been active as an editor and translator. He has edited peer journals, academic journals, and textbooks for both French and English audiences. He has reviewed and translated a wide range of topics in various academic disciplines from French to English and from English to French. Additionally, he has delivered numerous scholarly presentations over the past eight years. 

At the university level, Dr. Treacy has taught:

                        - Failed Amnesias: Algeria in Literature and Film

                        - Experiments: The French Novel 1932-1968

                        - Edward Said, Revisited

                        - France, America, and the Politics of Representation French and Francophone Cinema

                        - French Conversation

Dr. Treacy continues to do freelance work translating and editing for individual scholars and academic publications.

Work Experience

2018 - Present



May 2014 – Present 4 years 9 months

Assistant Professor of French

Florida State University 

September 2012 – May 2014

PhD Candidate

Department of French and Italian, University of Minnesota

September 2008 – May 2012

Graduate Instructor of French

Department of French and Italian, University of Minnesota


University of Minnesota-Twin Cities

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), French Studies

2010 – 2014

University of Minnesota-Twin Cities

Master of Arts (M.A.), French Studies

2008 – 2010

Middlebury College

Graduate Coursework, French School

2006 – 2007

University of Wisconsin-Madison

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.), English

1999 - 2003

Research Activity


“Tahar Djaout, 25 ans après” (with Megan MacDonald). Expressions maghrébines 17:1(May 2018).


“Reframing Race in the Maghreb,” French Cultural Studies 29:1 (2018): 19-27.

“L’Effet Barzakh,” Special issue of Contemporary French and Francophone Studies: “The Contemporary Roman                       Maghrébin: Aesthetics, Politics, Production 2000-2015,” 20:1 (2016): 76-84.

“The German Moudjahid and the Danish Prince: Boualem Sansal’s Le Village de 

             l’Allemand,” French Forum 40:1 (2015): 123-37.

“Change in French Second Language Writing in Study Abroad and Domestic Contexts” (with LeeAnne Godfrey and Elaine Tarone), Foreign Language Annals 47:1

             (2014): 48-65.

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“The Failure of Utility: Redefining French Studies in the Twenty-First Century,” Special issue of The French                         Review: “Le français a-t-il un avenir aux États-Unis?” 86:6

             (2013): 1210-14.

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“A Translation from Felix Mésguich’s ‘Tours de manivelle’” (with Kevin Riordan). Modernism/Modernity 18:2                           (2011): 447-8.


“Reading Joyce in Algiers.” American Comparative Literature Association. Utrecht, Netherlands (2017).

“The Algerian Remake: Kamel Daoud and Boualem Sansal.” Invited Lecture. Duke University Romance Studies                    Department (2017).

“Unwelcome Neighbours: Blackness in Maghrebi Literature and Film.” Australian Society for French Studies.                        Adelaide, Australia (2016).

“Algérlande: Translation and Postcolonial Affinity.” Invited Lecture. University of Wisconsin-Madison                                       Department of French and Italian (2016).

“Post-Urgent: Algerian Literature and Film in the Twenty-First Century.” African Literature Association. Atlanta,                     GA (2016).

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“Writing in the Aftermath of Two Wars: Algeria’s génération ’88.” Society for Francophone Postcolonial Studies.                      London, England (2014).

“Multidirectional Memory Gone Wrong? Boualem Sansal’s Le village de l’allemand.” Invited Lecture. Yale                                University French Department (2014).

“Aesthetics and Politics in Contemporary Algeria: Kamel Daoud and the Nouvel Engagement.” International                           Workshop. Imagining Contemporary Algerias: Communities, Nation-States, the Maghreb, and the                           Mediterranean. University College Cork, Ireland (2012).

“Rethinking Reconciliation: Intergenerational Memory in Maïssa Bey’s Entendez-vous dans les montagnes…”                          The 45th Wisconsin Workshop: After the Violence. University of Wisconsin-Madison (2012).

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“Getting Made: Transformation and Transgression in Nouri Bouzid’s Making Of.” Middle Eastern and North                             African Studies Association. University of Arizona (2009).


Committee on Faculty Research Support Award, Florida State University, 2015. ($14,000)

First-Year Assistant Professor Award, Florida State University, 2015. ($20,000)

Provost’s International Travel Grant, Florida State University, 2014. ($1,500)

Doctoral Dissertation Fellowship, University of Minnesota, 2013-14. ($22,500)

Hella Mears Graduate Fellowship in European Studies, University of Minnesota, 2013. ($5,000) 

Interdisciplinary Doctoral Fellowship at the Human Rights Program, Institute for Global Studies, University of Minnesota, 2012-13. ($22,500)

Research Travel Grant, American Institute for Maghrib Studies, 2012. ($3,500)

Award for Excellence in Teaching, University of Minnesota, 2012. ($500)

Graduate Research Partnership Program Fellowship, University of Minnesota, 2012. ($7,500)

Peterson Fellowship, Department of French and Italian, University of Minnesota, 2011. ($6,500)

Human Rights Fellowship in French, Center for Victims of Torture, 2010. ($10,000)



Full professional proficiency


Limited working proficiency  

The Professional Career of Corbin Treacy

Dr. Corbin Treacy began teaching English in Orleans, France. He has since taught French literature courses at the university level. 

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