Tsai-Jung Wu (Cameron Wu)

Graduated from Tunghai University, majoring in Chinese Literature. I have good understanding, critical thinking, empathy and communication skills. I am interested in learning new knowledge. In order to expand diversified study fields, I decided to study a master's degree in Information Technology, majoring in Business Information Systems at the University of Technology Sydney. This decision enhances my capabilities in various business knowledge and IT skills. Currently, I'm looking for the job in different industries. I'm willing to try every department or position.


: Tainan, Taiwan x Sydney, Australia
: [email protected]
: +886 931719391


  • Mandarin Chinese (Native) 
  • Taiwanese Hokkien (Native) 
  • English (Proficient, IELTS 6.0 & TOEIC 745)


  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) /
  • PowerBI / Tableau 
  • MS Teams / Zoom 
  • MS Office 
  • Unity3D 
  • JavaScript
  • MySQL / PL/SQL 
  • Cisco Networking (LANS & Routing)
  • Notes
  • Adobe Lightroom / Photoshop 
  • iMovie
  • Global Information Systems
  • Business Systems Design
  • Project Management
  • Value Chain Analysis & Management 
  • Economic Evaluation
  • Technology & Innovation Management
  • Photography / Photo Editing / Video Editing
  • Travel Planning


University of Technology Sydney (UTS)│Master│Business Information Systems│2019 - 2021

 Sydney, Australia

GPA: 5.19 / 7
Changing academic areas is a huge challenge for me. However, I deeply understand that we should have diverse learning abilities in this modern society. Through 2 years of research and practice, I learnt lots of business knowledge and IT skills. The most important is — I realized how to combine these capabilities to solve problems. In addition, I also have many successful experience in completing project with my teammates.

TungHai University (THU)│BachelorChinese Literature│2014 - 2018 

 Taichung, Taiwan

GPA: 3.2 / 4
Through 4 years of undergraduate study, I’m proficient in Chinese Literature. Education of humanistic makes me possess good language understanding, critical thinking, empathy and communication skills. These are indispensable capabilities in workplace.


TA YA Electric Wire & Cable Co., Ltd│Software Systems Engineer│Nov 2021-

 Tainan, Taiwan

• Department of IT — Systems Maintenance Section ———————————————————————————————————————————————— 

TAYA Group is a listed company in Tainan which is specializing in the manufacture of wire, cable and related products. I'm responsible for: 

(1) Managing company's systems by Notes 10 

(2) Managing company's database by Oracle 11g 

(3) Hardware maintenance 

(4) Server management 

(5) Making weekly antivirus files 

(6) Printing labels for information enquipments

National Cheng Kung University Hospital│Substitute Staff│Nov 2018 - Mar 2019 

 Tainan, Taiwan

• Department of Material Supply — Property Management Division ————————————————————————————————————————————————

Cheng Kung University Hospital is a large-scale national teaching hospital in Tainan with nearly 5,000 employees. My job content was to use the MIS system to manage all the items to be scrapped. After the scrap review process, different recycled companies will be invited to recycle the items through public bidding. In addition, I was also responsible for dealing with various insurances and copier affairs of the whole hospital.

TungHai University (THU)│Learning Partner│Oct 2016 - Jun 2018

 Taichung, Taiwan

• Ministry of Education — Digital Learning Partner Program 

• Elementary school English and Math —————————————————————————————————————————

This is a plan of the Ministry of Education, which is teaching children in rural areas through online teaching in order to reduce the education gap between urban and rural areas. I was responsible for teaching English and Math to the elementary school students. I participated in this program from sophomore until graduation. The weekly teaching materials (PowerPoint files) were all designed and made by myself.

The Affiliated High School of Tunghai University│Private Tutor│Oct 2016 - Jun 2017 

 Taichung, Taiwan

• Junior high school Chinese and English ————————————————————————————————————————————————

Working as a private tutor in the affiliated high school of my university, I'm not only teaching students subjects’ contents but also sharing my life experiences to them. I was responsible for teaching Chinese and English to the junior high school students. If students have questions about other subjects, I will also answer them


  My name is Tsai-Jung Wu. I have a bachelor's degree in Chinese Literature, which was awarded to me by Tunghai University. Through 4 years of humanistic education learning, I'm not only proficient in the Chinese Literature, but also make me possess good language understanding, communication skills, critical thinking and empathy


  In order to expand the diversified learning fields, I decided to study a master's degree in Information Technology, majoring in Business Information Systems at the University of Technology Sydney. During my postgraduate study, I have learnt lots of useful business and IT courses. These courses allowed me to enhance my capabilities in various business knowledge and IT skills. In addition, I can speak English fluently while studying abroad and each of my courses has group assignments and presentations therefore I can communicate and collaborate with others well


  During my undergraduate study, I've participated in the Digital Learning Partner Program of the Ministry of Education and worked as a private tutor. These experiences made me communicate fluently and be conscientious with others. Before going to postgraduate study, I've also worked in the hospital's Department of Material Supply. This work experience brought me a more practical understanding of the management and operation of procurement, storage and supply


  Although I am a beginner in this field, I believe that I am qualified for this position according to the requirements of the company's job description. Firstly, I have enough knowledge to support this position and I am willing to learn other new knowledge. Secondly, I can speak fluent English and continue to learn other languages by myself. Thirdly, due to my work and study experiences, I am good at teamwork and communication skills. These three facts prove that I have enough capabilities to work in a large-scale international company. 


  I am confirmed that I am ready for this position. Along with these experiences, I hope to develop myself to keep pace with the changes of the era.

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