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Curt Ranta

Curt Ranta is responsible for the operations of the Ranta Group. Ranta Group has built a team with deep roots in multifamily development and combined that with my deep understanding of modular building and density bonus programs in Los Angeles.

Long Beach, California

Why World Needs Both ESG and Impact Investing

What is ESG and Impact Investing? Why does the world need these investment strategies? Here Curt Ranta will guide what you need to know based on insights 
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How to Finance Your Dream Home: Mortgage Options and Tips
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ESG vs. Impact Investing: What’s the Difference

ESG refers to environmental, social, and investment governance practices that can have a material impact on the performance of that investment. ESG factor integration is used to improve traditional financial analysis by identifying potential risks and opportunities rather than technical assessments. While there is a social conscience overlap, the primary goal of ESG assessment is always financial performance.
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Modular vs. Traditional Construction 

According to Curt Ranta, companies and individuals have accepted traditional construction as a standard, norm, and custom because this type of construction has been practiced for centuries. 

New Law for Affordable Housing in California 

Not many people realize it, but affordable housing is directly proportional to healthy and happy communities. Affordable housing programs initiated by the government give families and the working-class peace of mind by reducing stress and toxins and improving their quality of life. 

California’s Welfare Exemption Explained

California’s law can authorize property exemption for various entities, including hospitals, charitable, and religious organizations. Curt Ranta also has the authority to exempt properties owned by nonprofit organizations working for the community’s welfare. Learn More

Property Tax Welfare Exemption

The nonprofit sector in the U.S relishes benefits in tax law. According to Curt Ranta, property tax exemption is a substantial and preferential treatment a nonprofit company or organization can qualify for on the local and state level. 

Modular vs. Stick Built Homes

Although the builder’s responsibility is to streamline the construction process, the ultimate choice of going for a modular or stick-built home is yours. Curt Ranta says, most people’s excitement fades when they get into the planning and construction phases.  Learn More

The Non-performance Benefits Of Esg Investing 

Although the builder’s responsibility is to streamline the construction process, the ultimate choice of going for a modular or stick-built home is yours. Curt Ranta saysESG refers to environmental, social, and corporate governance. Investment in ESG means prioritizing and optimizing environmental, social, corporate governance, and related factors. The purpose is to increase sustainability and make investments while considering the environment, human wellbeing, and the economy. 

Curt Ranta – Advantages & Challenges of Modular Construction

Modular construction looks progressive and remarkably advantageous as Curt Ranta explains. However, as with other construction methods, there are real challenges that can affect the success or failure of your modular project.

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Guide for Commercial Property Investment 2022

 Curt Ranta shares commercial property investment ideas in 2022 & why it can be a good investment opportunity.

Top Benefits and Challenges of Modular Construction

Many people love modular homes because they provide them with many advantages. However, just like anything in life, it also comes with some challenges. Curt Ranta has explained both of them below.

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Why Choose Modular Construction by Curt Ranta

According to Curt Ranta, for centuries, traditional construction has brought all raw materials – like 2×4s and flooring – to the construction site for craftsmen to cut and assemble at the project site.

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Curt Ranta - Evolution and Advancements in Construction Techniques

As humans, our ability to dream, innovate, and build has shaped civilizations throughout history. In this article, we delve into the extraordinary advancements and techniques reshaping the construction industry.

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Modular Buildings 

Do you want to know what are the Advantages of Module Building? In this our Expert Shares How Modular Buildings are better than Traditional ones in a number of ways.

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