2023 Latest CV Templates

Select one of the 10+ professionally designed CV templates below, add your experience & skills, and customize the layout. With the best CV format tailored to be ATS-compliant, you can create a job-winning CV effortlessly! Download your final CV PDF for free or share it online with links.

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Basic CV template. Perfectly demonstrate personal strengths. Suitable for both experienced job seekers and freshers.

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Traditional CV template. Showcase professionalism and organized personality. Suitable for job applications in the banking and finance sectors.

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Innovative CV template. Utilize colors and images to highlight creative thinking and innovation skills. Artists and creative workers’ top choice.

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Contemporary CV templates. Make use of comfortable color palettes and easy-to-read layouts to catch HR/recruiters’ attention.

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Clean CV template. Omit unnecessary clutter and decorations. Display professionalism with a clean and straightforward format.

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Visual CV template. Use infographics, colors, and visual elements to show vibrancy and elegance at the same time.

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Cool CV template. Show one-of-a-kind personality traits by adopting bold color combinations and multimedia elements like video and hyperlinks.

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Simple CV template. Clear format and straightforward design to present important information. Internationally applicable.

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Professional CV template. Focus on work experience and achievements. Emphasize skills and knowledge learned from previous jobs.

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Student CV template. Concentrate on academic accomplishments and extracurricular involvement. Suited to high school & college students.

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CV template for freshers. Utilize appealing elements such as Skills, Projects, and Portfolios to highlight freshers’ strengths and value.

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Perfect CV template. No redundant elements or design. Easy to create readable and attractive CV for job applications.

Why CakeResume?

Simple yet Professional CV Templates

CakeResume’s templates are specially designed for ATS optimization purposes. Each CV layout and format is proven to be ATS friendly & compliant and has helped numerous job seekers, both junior & senior ones, build job-winning CV.

Our CV editor supports various multimedia elements, including texts, images, videos, slides, hyperlinks, and etc. This feature empowers users to create professional and engaging CV, which capture viewer's attention quickly.

Friendly and Easy to Use CV Builder

CakeResume’s editor is famous for its clear and comprehensible user interface. To add, remove, or reorder any CV section, simply “grab”, “drag”, and “drop” it freely.

For those who are making a CV for the first job, there are more than 50 ready-made CV-template snippets to help you build a professional and one-of-a-kind CV.

Effective and Powerful CV Formatting

With the drag-and-drop feature, it is effortless to create a creative and unique CV with CakeResume maker. Besides that, the CV creator also supports advanced formatting, such as line height & spacing, image editing, color adjustment, and etc.

It is proven that a personalized CV had a much higher chance of being noticed, which leads to a better chance of landing the dream job. With the latest CV format, it would be quick and easy to improve the visual impact and readability of your CV.

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