Tamkang University,  Computer Science & Information Engineering

Taipei,Taiwan  •  [email protected] 


Software Engineer – Wavenet, Taipei, Taiwan 2020/02 ~ 2021/03

Developed Wavenet internal system & project.

 -  Maintained / Developed Ads Performance report system, connect with Google Ads,                    Facebook Ads, Verizon Ads API, using it to support the Account Manager by integrating            their work with the system.
 -  Capture user action in clients website with Google Tag Manager and support Account                Manager to Analysis data (conversion rates... etc) in Google Analytics.
 -  Developed Ads Performance delivery system in 2 weeks that collect data daily & send it to        ClickHouse via ClickHouse API.
 -  Wrote SQL-like scripts / combine others scripts from data engineer on Redash to organized       ads performance data in ClickHouse to support it for sales by analysis and presentation.

Skills: #JavaScript, #Node.js, #React.js, #HTML, #CSS, #Docker, #SQL


 1.  Ads Performance Report System.
 2.  Ads Performance Deliver System for clients.
 3.  Data Organization for clients.

Software Engineer – PTC-NEC, Taipei, Taiwan 2019/10 ~ 2020/02

Developed logistics application.

 -  Developed page for internal delivery setting page.
 -  Build demo delivery Line bot to support PM by presentation.  
 -  Fixed bug with vendor return application.

Skills: #C# MVC, #MSSQL, #JavaScript, #HTML, #CSS


 1.  logistics pages.
 2.  delivery application.

Intern – SYSTEX Elite Internship, Taipei, Taiwan 2018/07 ~ 2019/05

Developed insurance internal system for clients.

 -  Developed setting page CRUD by AngularJs and modified MSSQL scripts.
 -  Helping developers(frontend-engineer) building react webpage.

Skills: #C#, #MSSQL, #Git


 1.  Insurance Bank internal system.

Computer Repair Technical Assistant(Part-Time)  Tamkang University, New Taipei City, Taiwan 2016/09 ~ 2017/06

Repair computer from faculty & staff.

 -  Diagnose, repair, maintain and upgrade computer hardware, software and other supported devices to ensure optimal performance. 




A personal website inspired by github with github API implemented. 

This project is focusing on improve css layout skills without ui library,

both the first try on styled-components. 

website: ziquanh19-github.herokuapp.com

I built this project using React + Redux + styled-components.

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Momocraft Minecraft server - 2017/11 ~ 2020/05

3 members Team, working on Minecraft server & community,

with 18,000 players registered.

website: momocraft.tw 

Contribute on:

- setting up multi-server proxy to reduce players connection prevent                        overloading, has reaches 80 peak concurrent users online.

- building a website with Node.js for advertisement and connect Auth system in    game to provide account recovery.

- setting up MySQL database for game server with the multi backup method,
  and work on shell scripts to clear historical data regularly.

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Tamkang University, Computer Science & Information Engineering - 2015/09 ~ 2019/06 


 - Amazon Web Services (AWS) AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner  -  2020/05

 - TOEIC 800  -  2019/04


 -  Crypto currency (GameFi, Defi)
 -  Gym, indoor fitness
 -  Cooking
 -  Meet friends

Memory of school days 

News bot - Graduation Project - 2017/09 ~ 2018/06

Filter popular topic depends on large article collection on PTT & dcard.

Contribute on:

 - leading 5 team members on developing.

 - building Line Bot & website with 1 member for data presentation &                       visualization.

 - paperwork on proposal competition.


2018 National College and University Software Creation Competition - Top20

Tamkang University, Data Analysis and Application Group - 3rd

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Cooperative plan - Voice of Tamkang - 2017/09 ~ 2018/02

Visualized web page made by collecting a large number of articles, 
analyzing content and keywords for specific topics each week.
Projects 01 00@2x

Where to go on Summer Vacation?

Analyze articles on Dcard, PTT during summer vacation with the popular topic.

Contribute on:

- word cloud & chart.js visualize.

Projects 01 01@2x

Game and life

With the online Game JX Online 3,

displayed the Top3 topics discussed by players.

Projects 01 02@2x

Abandoned dog & cat map

Through the open dataset of Abandoned pets, 
Statistics on the number of cats and dogs display it with Google Maps API.

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