◄ Specialties: 

 ♦Data analysis with material/products/durable inspections. 

♦Had worked for the third parties, factories T1/T2, & customers. 

 ◄ Recently most happy thing: 

★Had finished to set up the lab for new factory. 

 ◄ Lifing strength: 

 A purchasing consultant of durable/price/functions graceful balance. 

◄ Passion forever: 

That is no way that I will live up my potential.

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Paihong Vietnam, Laboratory Asistant Manager, Jan 2018 ~ Nov 2018

Set up a new laboratory, staff training, quick tours, analyzing the feedback report data, and collaborated with cross-departments for multi-tasking, and contributing inner standards.

Tai-nan Enterprise, QA Supervisor, Jul 2016 ~ Jan 2018

Managed Assist working for making TQM、5S、Lean Production, IQC, IPQC, FQC, and OQC. Lead teams. Help customers to do FQC

Samonia Quaff, Senior Customer Service agent, Mar 2017 ~ Oct 2017

Answering telephone/email queries, serving the customers with excellent customer service, staff training, leading teams and improving issues until further requesting.

Bureau Veritas, Senior Engineer , Feb 2015 ~ Oct 2015

Multi task for material/product operation and to be the communication bridge for lab/suppliers/vendors/sales agents.

Intertek, Engineer, May 2008 ~ June 2014

Multi task for material/product operation to make reliability test reports.


Shih Chien University, BA, Fashion Design, 2003 ~ 2007

National Hsinchu Girls' Senior High School, , 2001 ~ 2003



 人在異鄉,讓我更加深刻體認到,人生努力工作,是要來好好孝順 父母親。 因此,於108年在竹北補習班擔任4、5、6年級安親老師,以進修目標去結訓報名課後照顧服務人員職前訓練。 109年以了解幼兒活動與心理為目標,7月參加保姆訓練,10月取得技術士執照。 由於公司整併與人事異動,將原先應徵的美語行政職位轉安親教師,目前在職2年,由於安親下班時間常獨自晚歸/接近10點才能到家,因此想趁此機會轉職回到到新竹市工作,減少車程,好好專注在家庭/工作/安全與未來進修上。

我曾任3位主管下20位同事的新創電商, 擔任資深客服,協助主管帶領3人小組達到對外行銷月業績前2, 對外行銷的個人月績效前3。 主要經歷為第三方的 資深紡織檢驗工程師7年, 協助 國際團隊客戶 確認收貨品質、建置進出件報告、反饋客戶與提供諮詢。 一路上我很幸運,能遇到這些貴人公司願意給新人機會, 讓我逐步多項能力能實踐 跨領域專案:到越南布料新廠與國際團隊將空廠房建置國際實驗室。 像是Intertek主管在相信我能善用服裝設計技能, 做跨領域應用到第三方紡織工程檢驗學上。很幸運能遇到BV主管過往分享產業工廠經驗, 多次成功以客戶立場給予貼心反饋,並得到客戶讚賞,啟蒙我走出去接受挑戰。

更感激 台南企業/越南百宏 給敝人 柬普寨/越南的國外工作機會, 相信我能善用Toeic聽讀765說寫100/120,以勝任 品質保證管控、與歐美客戶交流; 遠至能統整品質與實驗室經驗去新廠訓練團隊運行與建置實驗室。 人在異鄉,讓我更加深刻體認到,人生努力工作,是要來好好孝順 父母親。 

 因為有這些幸運與成果積累,讓我相信,當我到貴司任職,迅速掌握流程,任務快速上手、為貴司開發出更多潛力客戶。若您看完以上,想進一步了解我,歡迎您隨時與我聯繫,約時間見面,來聊一下合作的可能性, 由衷希望在孝順父母親的同時,為貴司全力以赴。 

您可以透過以下網址或是直接往下滑動,可以使用動態簡報撥放, 讓您輕鬆透過我的自我介紹/外訓證書/作品集等 來認識我: 



Hi, managers and the HR department colleagues , My name is Hsin tzu. Hu.

 I was a senior customer service agent, in 20 co-workers group and under 3 managers. I was Top 3 on a list of employees and leaded team to be Top 2 with the monthly merit. My main experience is a senior textile inspection engineer from the third party, include assisting international team customers to confirm the quality of receipt, reporting on incoming and outgoing parts, and feedback to customers and provide advice.  

I am very fortunate along the way, let me meet these companies to give me opportunities to gradually develop some interdisciplinary projects: recently was that went to Vietnam's new fabric factory with global team to set up an international laboratory. Like the supervisor of Intertek, she believed that I can use well of fashion design skills and cross-domain applications to third-party textile engineering inspection. I am very lucky to meet BV supervisor sharing factories experience in the past. Specially, he got responded with good feedback and received praise from customers. That inspired me to go out and accept challenges. 

 I am more grateful to Tainan Enterprises/Vietnam Pai-hong for giving me the chance to work in Cambodia/Vietnam. Those companies believe that I can use well the Toeic listening/reading 765 talk/writing 100/120 with competent in quality control to communicate well with European and American customers. Specially, integrated quality and laboratory experience to set up new lab and run it well with training team. 

During those days in a foreign land, which let me know more deeply that my hard work is order for filial to parents. Because of these accumulations of fortunate and achievements, I believe that when I go to your company, I quickly master the process, and the task is quick to get started, and develop more potential for your company. If you want to know more about me, please feel free to contact me to talk about the possibility of cooperation. I will do my best for your company. For planning and promotion, you can use the following website to know through my self-introduction/external training certificate/portfolio etc.: 

Finally, thanks for time and consideration. Hope we will corporate well in future. 




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