Cyril Hong

My name is Cyril. A professional UI designer and front-end developer from Taipei , Taiwan.

I got 7 years of experience in designing and developing web applications. Experienced with Figma, React.js, Vue.js, SASS/LESS, all I care about is clean, reusable and minimalist design and code.

I'm looking for any kind of cooperation and opportunity, feel free to contact me.

  Taipei City, Taiwan         


Front-end developer  •  精彩科技

Our main product is a game publish platform on Ethereum, BSC Network, people who can deploy their games(like jackpot) and earn a profit, other players can deposit the game token to share the whole interest. 

I've been focused on the client side and improve the user experience, for example: to detect the current network and switch to the correct one, a specific tutorial that helps user who has no experience of blockchain, simplify the whole process, keep the interface as clear as posible.

To mastering my career, I finished the course of Solidity on Udemy, for developing a Dapp, that will be a great help.

六月 2021 - Present

Director Of User Experience  •  Rytass Corp

Professional director of user experience, skilled in relationship-building and user experience improvement. Implement the develop process with Figma, brides the engineers and designers working together in a productivity way.

二月 2021 - 五月 2021

Front-end developer  •  AJA

I work as a full time Front-end engineer in AJA Creative, I had several large scale software and design development here, such as Starlux Airlines Official booking website, we built it with Vue.js and Nuxt.js, and I worked with a design team to make the whole website responsible, reusable and user friendly.

we're currently working on a website revision which is a responding to a telecom operator in Taiwan, the system behinds it is pretty complicated, we have to deal with CMS that suits module components that we designed, and built with React.js, the design team is composes of various UX and UI designers, the trickiest part is once we define the design guideline, everyone should follows it. Make sure the rules is can be followed and maintainable.

九月 2018 - 二月 2021

Front-end developer  •  Luxon Data

Working as a full stack designer at Luxon Data, developed several E-Commerce platforms base on Wordpress and WooCommerce structure, responsible for web design, user experience research, prototyping, automated testing, continuous integration and delivery(DevOps maybe?). In Luxon Data dev team we run agile sprints just for commit the product with very limited time, also play a role like a mentor and new tech spreader. Experienced in hybrid app developing using RESTful APIs.

四月 2017 - 六月 2018

Web developer  •  Leighton O'Brien Pty Ltd

An Front-end developer, responsible for creation and management of UI/UX flow.
Major Technologies include: Docker, Meteor, React, node, npm packages, Git, ES6. Sass/Less, Jira/Trello/Slack.

七月 2016 - 一月 2017


2011 - 2015

SCCD Master Degree

communication design

2006 - 2011

SCCD Bachelor

communication design


Reed Leighton

CEO Leighton O'Brien

Cyril Hong spent 8 months with Leighton O'Brien. He was primarily engaged on our UI. During this time, the whole IT was under pressure to meet deadlines. Cyril did an outstanding job on the UI. The quality of his work was first class and our customers were delighted with our product. Cyril worked long hours and a was a great team player. I fully recommend him to any potential employer.
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