Jerry Tsai 


Strategy and research

  • Business model strategy. 
  • User research.

Finance and data Science

  • Pricing Strategy. 
  • Analysis of advertising effectiveness data. 
  • Basic theory of statistical analysis. 
  • Fundamentals of data science. 
  • Machine learning and deep learning basic concepts.


  • Social Media Marketing. 
  • Facebook & Instagram AD.
  • Advertising interface design.

Computer skill

  • Swift 
  • keynote 
  • Adobe XD 
  • GarageBand 
  • Photoshop elements 12

Language skills

  • English (Exeter Academy, UK) Intermediate level

Instrument operation 

  • GC-MS.
  • Sputter coater.
  • Light microscopic.
  • Critical point drying. 
  • Scanning Electron Microscope.
  • Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy.

Core characteristics

  • Ability to express. 
  • logical thinking. 
  • Strong enthusiasm.


Exeter Academy, UK


Institute of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, 

National Taiwan University.


Department of Marine Environmental Engineering, 

National Kaohsiung Marine University.



PXTag Co-founder 

2016/3 - 2017/7 

Product development plan: 

Using Trello and convenience stickers to plan the project, which were dividing into the different parts to perform a fast development cycle.


One of my responsibilities was to prepare the proposal. Because of our efforts, we achieved different Milestones, including:

1. Korea K-Startup Grand Challenge 2017 Competition Invited Team, 

2. FBstart Bootstrap team, 

3. Microsoft Bizspark team, 

4. Taiwan Startup Stadium (TSS) lineup member, 

5. National Taiwan University Garage team.


Facebook and Instagram activities planning and promotion. We gained more than 10 dedicated users and more than 2000 posts marked.

Facebook, Instagram advertising marketing strategy. Responsible for about one hundred thousand dollars a year advertising budget. We were analysis data and optimization of program. Our interactive cost can control in the 0.1-0.2 NT dollars.

Product strategy: 

I read a lot of business and startup books in this period, and participated in different courses.  

Qualitative: Using the methods and concepts to redefine the product direction. 

Quantification: Using Excel to analysis of the results.

App store ASO: 

Using keywords, pictures and app description etc. to optimize the ranking in app store. In some of Keywords, we were on the top five in some countries`s app store.

Market research, user interviews: 

The company's initial start-up project was different from the final product, due to strategic research and interviews. The process includes: 

Market pain points investigation,

User interviews, 

Target customers research, 

Data collation and analysis.

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Institute of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, 

National Taiwan University. 


Master’s thesis:

Larval development and ecology of intertidal thoracican barnacles and coral associated acrothoracican barnacles in Taiwan.

1. Extensive database on larval morphology of Tetraclitidae barnacles of the West Pacific. 

2. First larval study of Acrothoraicican barnacles. 

3. Using larval ecology aspects to examine the factors affecting the geographical distribution of Tetraclita species in the west Pacific waters.


NTU & NTNU Joint Academic Symposium on Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, 2015.

 "The Best Poster Award". 

Computer software: 

Using Sigmaplot statistical mapping software. 

Instrument operation and professional knowledge: 

1. Familiar with the Light Microscopic. 

2. Familiar with Scanning Electron Microscope.

3. Familiar with the MCE membrane. 

4. Familiar with critical point drying. 

5. Familiar with the Sputter coater. 

6. Aquaculture system design. 

7. Microalgae culture and experience with algae extraction. 

8. Biostatistics concept.

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Department of Marine Environmental Engineering, 

National Kaohsiung Marine University.


University research: 

Temporal and Spatial Analysis of composition and abundance of larval fish in coastal area of Mailiao Industrial Area, Yunlin. 

Awards and experience: 

1. Southern Regional Industry Academia Collaboration competition, 2008. 


2.  "International Workshop on Operating System for Marine Environment Monitoring and Forecasting",2009.

National Kaohsiung Marine University. 

Extracurricular activities: 

1. Minister of Activities Department.  

2. The Basketball team leader. 

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Work Examples

App store screenshots
Projects 01 00@2x 9a5a97084c8e268ae3725d8e03654d1815ae2eb597b59c292ae4d0beffa7b703

Projects 01 01@2x 5659ae1046a29c3ededd36e4a50b2c0f0c26b5fd7152a5d1cc138de803a81cbf
Projects 01 02@2x fe789c7495428f4bddd216a44a8d0d12ce13fbeed0f26e9c9f2fa6c5fb4b5cc2

Advertising interface design.

Facebook and Instagram advertising interface design and strategy. 

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FB Banner

Using tools include: keynote, Photoshop elements 12.


Readings 00 00@2x ce5676dabcce042724a6fc4c3413d6a86ad9c78eecb848896433e32c60b7006b

Running Lean

This is a Lean startup philosophy of the actual guide, which will lead you step by step to implement the theory of lean startup. 

Readings 00 01@2x 77cc06c91fae4dd43a069fa4b813524cd022d4a79115524d3f0d6b9220dfd71d

The Lean Startup

Everything that the startup faces is unknown. How to help you find the initial direction by scientific methods? By the author's own experience to show you how to find the way out.

Readings 00 00@2x ce5676dabcce042724a6fc4c3413d6a86ad9c78eecb848896433e32c60b7006b

Together is better

At first they discussed the issue  about millennium generation, then the interview went viral. It`s extending the whole generation and even the community. Using simple stories to talk about mentality, cooperation and responsibility. 

My favourite sentence in the book:

To go fast, go alone. To go far go together. 

-African proverb

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Genes determine people's intelligence, but what determine your success? The author defines different "mentality". My  experience about the issues she discussed in this book, is when I studied at the university. Many of my classmates escaped from the challenges, because of their mentality.

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