David Lin (Kai-Sheng, Lin)

Because of my parents’ open-minded attitude towards education, along with the continuous influence from them through time, I have developed a rounded personality with meticulous discipline when interacting with others, that allow me to internalize these experiences and utilize with flexibility in my subsequent jobs. I have strong determination to learn proactively and willingness to accept new challenges.

  Taiwan Province, Taiwan  

Work Experience

Field Application Engineer  •  Suzhou Zhongsheng Precision Manufacturing Co., Ltd

一月 2021 - 九月 2021

    I was stationed in a manufacturing plant of Compal Electronics, Inc., and assisted in inspecting potential defects of the smart watch casings. Because this job was a shift in working environment, as well as a shift in product line, which ensured the abilities that I had previously acquired, were able to accurately resolve all issues for the company and the clients. Not only I was highly appreciated by the clients, but also lifted all subsequent obstacles for all the divisions in the company, hence allowed for smoother shipment without difficulties.

Deputy manager of quality assurance (FAE)  •  Abico Avy Co., Ltd.

十一月 2015 - 一月 2021

    I was in charge of cellphone models such as HTC One A9, HTC 10, HTC U11, Google Pixel 1, Google Pixel 2, etc. Other than handling the necessary FAE routine assignments, I was also required to assist in developing and testing of various data provisions and analysis, to assist the sales division in mockup sampling, developing and contract signing in order to acquire customer approval to achieve mass production and delivery. Moreover, I was enabled to learn more in cross-divisional job functions, and I became skilled to negotiate with clients and helped simplify work process, hence achieved much smoother operation for everyone.
●Special Achievement:
Presence of product issues before shipment to the U.S, and assisted in speedy rework
I helped simplify the rework process to enable the reduction of sequence and time required for reworking, and delivered the products in time for launch.

Field Application Engineer  •  Taiwan Green Point Enterprises Co., Ltd.

十月 2010 - 十一月 2015

    I was humble at learning while developing a personality to make swift decisions and to execute effectively at the first job in Green Point, and soon my efforts were recognized by my section chief, who later assigned me for a residential position in HTC Corporation. I started this position with learning the basic knowledge of manufacturing and inspection of cell phone casing. I was often in charge of two to three different models at the same time, yet such workload allowed me to master my job quickly and soon I was able to deal with all kinds of quality issues. In turn, I was assigned a residential position at the client’s location and work with their engineers to resolve various problems. I had learned precious experiences in dealing with clients to protect interests of the company, and towards self-development.
●Special Achievement
1、Supervised the quality control of multiple cellphone models simultaneously
    I had supervised over 20 types of cellphone upper, middle and lower plastic casings, as well as many other composite materials for models such as HTC ChaCha, HTC Salsa, HTC One M8 and HTC One M9, etc.
2、Identified the presence of flashlight malfunctioning in certain cellphone model before shipment, and analyzed the cause being defective camera lens.
    I quickly screened the lot with light inspection and removed the nonconformities in order to complete the delivery to clients on time.


2000 - 2006

Tatung University (TTU) 大同大學

Department of Industrial Design


  • Word
  • PowerPoint
  • Excel
  • Photoshop
  • CorelDRAW


  • Chinese 
  • English 
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