Daisy Lee

Currently working on startup-related project which organized by SMEA, MOEA. as a strategic partnership, mainly responsible for connecting with startups, accelerators, investors and startup hub to build a complete Taiwan startup ecosystem. Having 2 years working abroad experience, quickly adapt new environment and embrace different culture.

I am a solo traveller / willing to step out of the comfort zone / team-player / positive /  willing to have 'slash' skills / detail-oriented person

 +886 916864763

[email protected]

Work Experiences

Strategic Partnership Specialist, Nov 2019 ~ Present

Startup Terrace, New Taipei City, Taiwan

- Delivering the future city concept of Startup Terrace to government representatives, startup-related companies, startups, which all from home and abroad.

- Connecting Taiwan startup related companies, accelerators and startup hubs, discuss further corporation to enlarge startup ecosystem.

- Link to international startup hubs to complete startup ecosystem beyond country and find a way to corporate.

- Enroll startups from home and abroad. enlarge our startup community.

- Attending Taiwan startup events to approach startup-related people to exposure Startup Terrace.

- Our team approach over 26 cases corporations with accelerators, Taiwan startup hubs and international startup hubs.

Planning Assistant / Analyst, Mar 2017 ~ Jan 2019

VIP Services & Guest Relations, Suncity Group, Manila

Planning Assistant

- Conduct working guideline, major in oversee operation's job duties and alter working guideline. report to regional director (Manila and Macau)
- Coordinate local events, responsible for anniversary party (3 days events/1000pax), conduct with events department in Macau and local company.
- Arrange festival hampers, conduct luxury giftaways for guests and select qualified guest list for operation (Chinese new years, Christmas, Mid-Autumn festival)

- Report performance of operation

Planning Analyst

- Data analysis, responsible for revenue and guests' performance and gambling pattern. Summit daily, monthly, quarterly and yearly report to directors. Professional excel user

- KPI report, responsible for personal assistant performance report, analysis their abilities and give some suggestion to enhance service quality.

Events Coordinator, Jan 2016 ~ Feb 2017

Sales & Marketing Department, Shangri-la Hotels & Resorts, Taipei

- Report daily, monthly, quarterly and yearly events revenue
- conducting meeting room inquiry
- Support sales managers in catering fields
- Coordinate Sales & Marketing events such as wedding fair and corporate events
- 2017 countdown party mainly planner
- Cold call for potential company

Events Secretary, May 2015 ~ Dec 2015

Sales & Marketing Department, Shangri-la Hotels & Resorts, Taipei

- Responsible for all paper work in events department (Banquet Event Oder) 
- Report to Director of Events Manager
- Support sales daily work
- Art work design and supply catering decoration (table card/seating chart/background) 
- Communicate with other departments, filing applications
- Manage delphi (Booking event system) and opera (Booking room system) account

Internship, June 2013 ~ Sep 2013

Hotel Romantico Casa Babel, Valencia, Spain

- Practiced hotel related skills and learned Spanish


Fu Jen Catholic University, Bachelor of Business Administration(BBA),

Hotels & Restaurants Management, 2011 ~ 2015

Taipei Municipal Zhong-zheng Senior High School, 2008 ~ 2011


Mandarin- Native speaker

English - Full professional proficiency

IELTS : Overall 6.5, Listening : 6 Reading : 7 Speaking : 7 Writing : 6

TOEIC : 920

Spanish - Limited working proficiency

Can fluently speak to Spanish people in limited conversation

About me

Think out of the box, step out of the comfort zone

having 2 years experiences working abroad (Philippine & Spain) so that I can deeply understand different culture. Besides working, I indulge myself in living and traveling as a backpacker. From my perspective, the best way for travel is as an independent traveller. In my journey, I can not only be breathtaken by stunning scenery but also learnt experiences which were all the nutritions of my independent personalities. Trekking is one of my hobby as well. In my point of view, trekking can be a challenge for myself. I needed to stick on my mind to trek up persistently. Owing to this willpower, I realized that there's nothing can be done, as long as you keep persistently trying and never give up, and success will come eventually.

Positive, optimism and loving give hands to people, that's all personalities from the parenting of my parents

Independence always a major point that my parents' parenting. Also, raise me up to become active, positive, kind, optimism person, and to all the things full of curiosity and open minded to digging knowledge. 'Opportunities are for someone who well-prepared.', my parents always tell me. Through keeping learning knowledge of every field to make myself stay in a well-prepared situation.

Find the problem, solve the solution

As a planning assistant, one of my job duties is that oversaw working procedure of my colleague, picked some inferior procedure, and altered to superior one which can enhance service quality. Also, through analyzing database to find the difference between before & after, and do some slightly changes. Regularly analysis enhance my sensitive of numbers. I can pick the data I need and presented whatever supervisor wanted to see.

Simplify complex procedure, get satisfied feedback that where comes to my fulfillments.

As an events coordinator at Shangri-la Hotel before, our department not only provided function rooms for holding wedding or convention but also coordinated everything during the event. Every success event became my fulfillments. As a planning assistant at Suncity Group Manila, I coordinated 3 days anniversary events, organized itineraries for oversea guest to enjoy Manila city, and arranged annual dinner (around 1000 pax). In the end of events, I received a huge accomplishment from every guest's feedback. That's why I know that my working passion is from endless accomplishments and fulfillments.

Still have a drive to self-improvement in spite of some obstacles in front

I went to Spain as a hotel intern when I was in second-year of university. Neither I speak nothing in Spanish nor Spanish people speak English so that I tried my best to learn Spanish. I grabbed every free time to learn Spanish so that I caught it within 3 months, and became a receptionist in counter. My boss praised me with efficiency, responsibility , quick learner and adaptive with new environment. In my life path, I always stick myself to move forward, and be responsible to both my job and my life. Moreover, face every obstacle in my life with a positive thinking. There's nothing cannot be solved if I never give up.

Thanks for reviewing my resume. Should I have a chance to join the team. I will utilize my skills and bring profits to company and grow with everyone. Have a good day!


李宜倩 Daisy Lee




[email protected]


Planning Assistant / Analyst 策劃助理/分析師, Mar 2017 ~ Jan 2019

VIP Services & Guest Relations 貴賓服務及客戶關係發展部, Suncity Group, Manila


- 部門工作流程規劃 / 主要監管貴賓服務流程、外場同事職責監管、修正服務準則並向主管定期匯報(負責區域Manila/ Macau)

- 週年會活動 / 與澳門活動部門共同主辦馬尼拉公司週年會 (3天/1000人規模) 
- 節慶禮 / 安排節慶禮籃內容,製作符合送禮條件客人名單供外場同事送禮 (過年/中秋/聖誕節)

- 透過系統提交Cold Call名單供同事開發市場

- 提供旅遊建議,供外場同事帶客人暢遊馬尼拉

- 彙報部門營運狀況

- 數據分析 / 依據客戶轉碼及下注模式分析,每日/每月/每季/每年提供總體報表給主管

- KPI報表 / 統整分析出場助理工作表現,並且提供意見及作業方向,使同事工作表現提升

Events Coordinator 宴會業務專員, Jan 2016 ~ Feb 2017

Sales & Marketing Department 業務發展部, Shangri-la Hotels & Resorts, Taipei

- 負責宴會業務部門業績報表、製作簡報
- 負責飯店會議室租借事宜
- 協助Sale manager 宴會業務各項事宜
- 協辦飯店各項宴會業務行銷活動 (Wedding fair / Corporate events)
- 2017屋頂跨年晚會主要活動負責人
- 協助Sale manager致電公司行號開發市場

Events Secretary 宴會業務部秘書, May 2015 ~ Dec 2015

Sales & Marketing Department 業務發展部, Shangri-la Hotels & Resorts, Taipei

- 協助宴會業務部各項作業流程
- 協助Sale manager 宴會業務各項事宜
- 設計製作活動進行各項裝飾(背板/桌卡/座位圖)
- 部門作業相關事宜
- 管理Delphi訂席系統以及Opera訂房系統


輔仁大學, 工商管理學士(BBA), 餐旅管理學系, 2011 ~ 2015

- 書卷獎全班第二名 

- 系學會活動長

台北市立中正高中, 2008 ~ 2011

- 社團公關長




 IELTS : Overall 6.5, 聽 : 6 讀 : 7 說 : 7 寫 : 6 

 TOEIC : 920





除了在本土台灣工作外,也曾在菲律賓工作兩年以及西班牙工作三個月(Internship),藉此能夠更深度了解不同文化,在工作之餘也熱愛生活、旅遊,也是一個背包客。我認為旅遊最好的方式就是自由行,在自己獨立旅遊的途中,得到的不只是未曾看過的景色,更是各種不同的經驗,這些經驗,都是讓我成為更獨立自主的養分,也讓我勇於探索未知、踏出舒適圈。 除了旅遊外我也喜歡登山,登山對我來說就像是給自我的挑戰,透過雙腳不斷的向上爬,運用毅力不間斷地持續走,正因為這樣,讓我瞭解了沒有什麼事情是辦不到的,只要你持續努力、堅持下去,就會成功。這也是養成我有堅毅的毅力的人格特質。


獨立自主一直是父母教育我的方式,也進而培養我主動積極、樂於助人、樂觀開朗的個性,對事物都充滿著好奇心且有求知慾,「Stay hungry, stay foolish」,也是我一直秉持著的人生格言。父母常跟我說「機會,是給準備好的人 」,因此經由不斷學習各方面領域並讓自己隨時處於準備好的狀態,也讓我知道一分耕耘一分收穫,在成功的道路上沒有捷徑,腳踏實地方能達到,因此要從小的事情開始做,累積起來才能變成大事。






大學二年級暑假期間前往了西班牙的民宿打工換宿,從沒接觸過西文的我生活充滿著挑戰,位於鄉下的民宿英文並不廣泛,導致實習過程中與同事之間無法順暢溝通,因此我利用各個瑣碎的時間學習著西文,不放過任何能學習的機會,總是抓著同事詢問身邊任何物品的西文名稱,因此深深獲得民宿老闆的青睞,肯吃苦耐勞、做事有效率、學習能力強,能在短時間內 學會西班牙文擔任櫃台人員,這些都讓民宿老闆讚賞有佳,而在海外實習過程中,學習到的不只是民宿經營理念,而是真實體驗海外生活,體會不同於台灣的文化及風俗民情,讓我對於很多事情的思考面向有比較多元的看法。 在人生的道路上,一直秉持著做到最好的態度,對於事務皆會竭盡所能的負責到底,也秉持著樂觀開朗的態度面對人生中各個關卡,沒有解決不了的問題因此不要輕言放棄。 


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