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Dan Yang

4 years SDET at Glodon Technology Co., Ltd.

Tel : 425-362-4862      
[email protected]

Bellevue, US




GMP/SQL Database

Unit Test

Integration Test

Automated Test Process

Google Test Framework

Creative problem solving Communication and Collaboration Skills


Northwest University (2011-2014)

Master's Degree - Software Engineering (1%)

Northwest University (2007-2011)

Bachelor's Degree-Software Engineering (5%)


GMP 4.0 (Glodon Measurement Platform) - Feb 2016 - Jan 2018

Main Tools: C++, GMP database, Google Test Framework

Project Description: GMP is an architecture industry software based on agile development, which is the public platform of the whole product line, providing the underlying core functional interface and framework. GMP evolved from version 1.0 to 4.0 during that period.

Responsibility: Set up framework, Unit Test, Integration Test, Data Analysis

  • Develop the overall strategy and plan of C++ white box test, responsible for unit test and integration test coverage of core modules
  • Design the product matrix and analyze data to identify defects in product, be responsible for bug tracking and management.
  • Sign-off the iteration release and responsible for the software quality.

GMP refactoring and publishing - Feb 2015 -  Feb 2016

Main tools: C++, GMP database, Google Test Framework 

Project Description: Refactoring and optimizing the GMP platform, highly abstract functionality , design and implement a standardized programming interface, reduce the complexity of development based on GMP and publish the API to third parties.


  • Design and implement the test frameworks for the entire project and be responsible for test strategies, test plans, test execution, manpower inventory, test replay, and a series of test activities.
  • Design product matrix, implement the automation, telemetry and data analyze. 

Ruby Script Refactoring - June 2014 -  Jan 2015

Main tools: NetBeans, GTF, Ruby 

Project Description:The original project script has a three-tier structure, data storage is confusing, references are confusing, and there are a large number of redundant codes and user cases. It is difficult to maintain. In order to solve these problems, introduce a new four-layer script structure and finally promote to company-wide application.


  • Stripping off the original script structure, design and implement a new four-layer structure.
    • Object Layer—control positioning layer only defines the controls, not including control operations; 
    • Task Layer—operation logic layer control specific operation method encapsulation.
    • Data Layer—defines the verification data used by TestCase And interface common data; 
    • Testcase Layer— test script layer refers to the task layer and data layer files, from the operation and verification data combination. Read the Testcase layer script to see the business logic.
  • Design and implement a naming convention to perform specified test cases based on the naming principle.

GDQ 3.0 (Glodon Decoration Quantity) - Feb 2014 -  June 2014

Main tools: NetBeans, GTF, Ruby, GMP database 

Project Description:The GDQ 3.0 is a newer version of professional processing decoration software, adopts its own graphics platform, and integrates the leading 3D modeling and calculation technologies in the decoration industry. It can perform modeling calculations more quickly, and solves the industry's problems of low performance and complicated collections.


  • Design and implement the component test framework, automation test and script. Ensure the test coverage.
  • Design and implement telemetry , analyze data and generate reports to find product opportunity and defects. 

Internship Experience 

CMMI (Capability Maturity Model Integration) Certification Assistant - Sep 2012 - Nov 2012

  • CMMI certification consulting work, be responsible for customer consulting before certificate and preliminary assessment.
  • CMMI level 3 certification assessment.


  • Enjoy learning new things and taking challenge.
  • Have passion on technology and learn quickly. 
  • Happy to sharing and help others.

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