I'm a front end engineer with experience developing complex, high profile web applications collaborating with both small and large teams. I specialise in JavaScript, thriving in an agile environment leveraging modern technologies such as Vue and Vuex. I pride myself in writing scalable, elegant code — creating simple solutions to complex problems.

  Taipei, Taiwan  https://dandanxo.github.io/       


  • JavaScript
  • git
  • Docker

  • Html / CSS
  • Node.js
  • webpack
  • mongodb

  • vue
  • vuex
  • react
  • redux


April 2021 - Present

Front-end Deputy leader


1. Main Lottery Game Project (PC/Mobile)

  • Refactoring multiple site layout components configuration
  • Add templetes and components corresponding to different game rules
  • Add pure css to remove redundant css to remove unnecessary styles to optimize loading speed
  • Added ga to capture user usage and data
  • api transmission encryption and decryption

2. Customer service system

  • Start a new project and add typeScript
  • Formulate and plan overall architectural direction and style framework selection
  • use vite
  • Use vue3.0
  • Add tailwind to make styles better manageable
  • websocket transmission encryption and decryption

3. CMS

  • Update old webpacke version and package version
  • Optimize js file size
  • Project part code obfuscation configuration

4.  Other

  • Lead/teach other team members to improve technical skills and concepts
  • Using Jira to  management project and the code review mechanism of PR

Mainly used technology: nodeJs、js、html、pre-css、post-css、React、Vue、websocket、git、i18N

April 2020 - April 2021  

Senior front-end engineer


Mainly use vue to maintain products and develop new functions, reconstruct part of the architecture and plan new cases.

  • Refactor the chat room and add rxjs to make the dialogue messages better manage the order and the status
  • Add templetes and components corresponding to different game rules
  • Use the sentry tool to capture client errors for analysis
  • Added ga to capture user usage and data
  • Bring the company to write blog/medium atmosphere, let everyone communicate and share knowlage

Mainly used technology: nodeJs、js、html、pre-css、post-css、React、Vue、websocket、git、i18N

May 2018 - April 2020

 Front-end engineer


Mainly use vue nuxt react to develop the company's own products (Agirl official website, suprlink,鄉民晚報 , suprone) and other back-end projects refactored with nodejs (TS).
1. 鄉民晚報

  • Familiar with the knowledge of cheeriojs crawler
  • The image crawler uses smartcropJS, openCV and other application methods to allow 90% of the automatic screenshots to be positioned on the face

2. suprLink

  • Refactoring and adding a shortened URL service to organize and customize domain functions with TS.
  • Separation of front-end (nuxt), back-end api(express) and other system architectures make the system easier to maintain and add functions
  • Use service worker as api middleware to check data and understand how service worker works.
  • Use tail Wind to achieve the project's custom css framework.
  • Use webpack to package vue in a chrome extension of the product.
  • Familiar with connecting the EcPay (payment flow).

3. Agirl official website

  • Refactor nuxt to the latest version and import it into pwa mobile phone and other cache optimization process
  • Research lazy load to solve the problem of increasingly high traffic and slow loading
  • Work with backend devops to use cdn nodes to cache images and save round-end traffic
  • Use d3js chartjs

Mainly used technology: nodeJs、js、html、pre-css、post-css、React、Vue、websocket、git、i18N

 February 2018 - May 2018

NODE.js engineer


hardware writing  Network Protocl (TCP/IP.DNS,MQTT,etc)
JavaScript/Node JS


National Kaohsiung University of Science and Technology

Department of Information Management

Bachelor degree

 Sep 2014 - Jun 2018

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