Dan Kang

Front-End Engineer 

  Taipei, Taiwan

[email protected]

Graduated from the Information Management Department of Kaohsiung University of Science and Technology. I have 3 years experience in WEB frontend development, focusing on the JavaScript. The reason I like the front-end is high feedback. This is not only the surface of the project, but also feedback from users. I like to create products that really actually 「improve life」. For example, I was making tools to help select courses, and users who get help and give thanks or suggestions are the source of my sense of accomplishment and the biggest reason why I want to expand, because the front-end is very close to users.

Coding is both an interest and expertise. In the near future, I want to specialize in front-end engineering, so I apply for this position.

Believing that JavaScript can conquer the world. My front-end skill is probably that I can quickly enter the state of the project to fight at any time, and I am more familiar with Vue and Nuxt, both of which have experience in performance tuning. Bootstrap, Vuetify, Buefy have experience in css framework. In addition, post-processing-based tailwind also has experience in using CSS to better manage it. The back-end is familiar with Nodejs and mongoDB basic curd and advanced Aggregation, auth2.0, three-party login have practical experience. In my spare time, I will also study DevOps to make my work automation more concise.

Applying front-end mentioned the back-end, I think cross-domain integration is very important, such as the front-end and back-end API serial communication requires background knowledge. I love technology and I also like to study the principles behind it.



F2E Developer

創順科技  •  四月 2020 - Present

Mainly use vue to maintain existing products and develop new functions, refactor part of the architecture and plan new projects .

1. Major lottery game projects (PC version/mobile version) Refactor the chat room part and add rxjs to make the dialogue message arrangement better manage the order and status Added temples and components corresponding to different game rules Add pure css to remove redundant css to remove unnecessary styles to optimize loading speed Use sentry tools to capture client errors for analysis Added ga to capture user usage and data.

2. New project (Vietnam) Start a new project and add TypeScript Formulate and plan the overall structure direction and style frame selection Use bitbucket Pipline function to integrate Ci/cd with Devops Upgrade Vue3.0 gradually to keep the project up to date Join tailwind for better style management 

3. Backstage system Update old Webpacke writing and package update.

4. Other matters Bring up the company’s blog/medium ethos for everyone to communicate and share technology Use GoLang to write a simple crawler to find some lottery sources by yourself

F2E Developer

電獺股份有限公司  •  五月 2019 - 四月 2020

Mainly use vue nuxt react to develop the company's own products (suprlink, villagers evening news, suprone) and other alternative projects implanted with nodejs (TS). 

1. Villagers Evening News Villagers Evening News background maintenance and new functions, familiar with cheeriojs crawler related knowledge Image crawler uses smartcropJS, openCV and other application methods to allow 90% of automatic screenshots to be positioned on top 

2. suprLink A shortened URL service that merges with TS and adds organization and customized domain functions Separate the front end (nuxt) into api (express) and introduce (express) and other system architectures, making the system easier to maintain and supplement functions Use service worker as api middleware to check data and understand how service worker works Use tail Wind to execute the customized css framework of the project Use webpack to wrap vue to achieve the chrome extension of the product Familiar with the experience of connecting the green world gold flow. 

3. Otter Girls official website Corrected nuxt to the latest version, introduced pwa mobile phone and other cache and optimized processing Research inert load to solve the problem of increasing flow and slow loading Work with large-scale devops to use cdn interrupts to cache pictures and save round-end transmission traffic.

4. Some external projects of orange (beanFun!) Enterprise back-end planning and production are mainly data visualization, and data visualization presentation page d3js chartjs is the main technology used.


A short link service which supports A/B testing, data analysis, custom domain, organization managment and online advertising.
Chrome Extension - SuprLink
A Chrome extension which helps user to create short link for SuprLink.
An advertising display platform with big data analysis feature. Uses lots of easy-readable charts to help user find their accurate potential customers.
P nnTW


Get the best online news the first time.

beanfun! Data Center
A dashboard which collects all product's data across whole enterprise group to display. Has lots of charts.

Mainly share the experience of prodigal, App software introduction and technology news.

NODEJs Back-end Developer

耀群科技  •  二月 2019 - 五月 2019

Network Protocl (TCP/IP.DNS,MQTT,etc)
JavaScript/Node JS

Responsible for tcp/ip, socket mqtt bacnet and other communication protocols, and complete the part of IOT heterogeneous network connection.

Side Project


github: Link


github: Link 

meetup by vuejs_vuetify_firebase

github: Link 



Javascirpt only

github: Link

Preview: Link

nodeJs shopping cart

github: Link


github: Link 

遠見Crawler's api

github: Link


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