Dane Collins                         

I am looking for a position where I can combine my passion for data analysis with my business and management experience to contribute to an analytics team.

[email protected]   |   (408) 679-0481   |   Campbell, CA


Data Analysis

Four years of experience in data collection, cleaning, analysis, visualization, and report generation.

Versed in Python, Jupyter, SQL, Salesforce.com, Excel, R, Tableau, and Javascript. Have experience in full-stack web development for data projects.

Ability to automate data collection, transformation, and analysis in Windows and Linux/Unix. Experienced in setting up toolchains on AWS (RDS, EC2, and S3).


Proven ability to succeed as an individual contributor, as a member of a team and in a leadership position.

Strong communicator with the capacity to interact with all departments and levels in an organization. Ability to distill analysis results into easy to understand stories.

Self-motivated to learn new skills and tackle the unknown to accomplish goals. I strive for continuous improvement in myself and company processes.


 2013 - Present - National Instruments

Data Analyst - AWR Group

Responsible for all data analysis needs of the business including data gathering, processing, visualization, and distribution.

  • Developed internal data-driven web applications for product quality improvements, customer telemetry analysis and revenue recovery from unlicensed users
  • Automated data collection from SQL Server and Salesforce.com, transforming data into a unified PostgreSQL representation
  • Responsible for defining, implementing and maintaining data organizational structure for all of our business data
  • Generated process for collecting a set of metrics and dashboards used by executives to manage the business
  • Provide ongoing ad-hoc reports for sales, marketing, finance and the executive team
  • Automated data ingestion, transformation, processing, and analysis flow for product telemetry and crash data. 

1998 - 2013 - AWR Corporation

CEO 2008-2013
EVP Operations 2004-2008
Various positions 1998-2004

Starting as an application engineer, I moved through the company handling customer support, IT, finance, legal and other aspects of general management culminating with five years as CEO as the company grew to over 100 employees

  • Promoted a strong customer-centered vision to boosts product quality and company growth.
  • Grew software business to $20M with 11 consecutive years of revenue growth.
  • Created an employee-oriented culture which maximized employee retention, turnover <1% for 11 consecutive years.
  • Developed tools and techniques to build a sustainable revenue model around the legalization of software piracy.
  • Directed all aspects of acquisitions (buy and sell side), financing and strategic partnerships. 

1992-1998 - HLD Systems

Software Developer and Operations Manager

Member of software development team creating an Electronic Design Automation tool used in the design of computer microprocessors.  My primary focus was the development of an emulation system developed in common lisp on UNIX. 

1989-1992 - Cadence Design System

Director of Analog IC Software Tools

As the lead developer, I managed a team of 7 engineers in creating the Virtuoso Analog Design Environment, a product focused on IC design of analog and mixed-signal circuits. I had development responsibility for the simulation front-end while managing engineers responsible for the graphics subsystem, optimization subsystems, and simulation control system.


Virginia Tech | Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering | 1983

Outside Projects


A tool for documenting the testing of packaged goods according to ISTA standards.  Written in Python/Django.


Application to track restaurants of interest. Written in Python/Django.

Watch for Events

A utility to keep track of scheduled tasks to make sure they run as planned.  Sends alerts when a task fails to run. Used in system administration to get notified of system problems.

Why I want to be a data analyst

While running AWR, I discovered that my real passion lies in using data to improve the success of a business. After we sold the company, I had the opportunity to hand off my CEO role so that I could spend time learning the right way to collect and work with our data. During that process, I re-discovered my passion for writing code and found that I enjoy developing software and analyzing data more than running a company and am re-dedicating my career down that path.