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Aurora Network Technology Co., Ltd ( 2018/04~ 2020/03) 

職稱:  副總監  


➢ Project Name: Payment System – Cashback, Rich Pay 

• Responsible for the Deputy Director, Managing startups, leading the establishment and planning of the use of related technologies, development specifications, testing methods, release plans, maintenance methods, and recruitment management.

 • Responsible for decomposing and releasing annual work goals and budget indicators to the team, and timely adjustment and effective control according to actual conditions. 

 • Responsible for reviewing product development strategies, supervising implementation, and making correct adjustments in a timely manner according to the market. 

 • Formulate various internal processes and positive policies.

 • Import virtualization and cloud platforms, Microservices, Kubernetes, and other related technologies. Ensure that the design and code quality meets the requirements and that Scrum and CI/CD are properly implemented. 

 • Communicate with other cooperating teams to ensure that system functionality is developed and meets system specifications. 

 • Development Technology: Docker, Kubernetes, SpringBoot, SpringCloud, JPA, Netty, Redis, Zookeeper. 

 • Management Technology: GitLab, GitBlit, Jira, Jenkins. • Computer Language: Java, Shell Script.

產品名稱:第三方支付系統 - 返利網Cashback,富付網Rich Pay 

工作內容:1. 主要是擔任副總監兼架構師職位,帶領建立與規劃支付產品之相關技術的使用、開發規範、測試方式、發佈計劃、


                   2. 負責向團隊分解和下達年度工作目標和預算指標,並根據實際情況及時調整和有效控制。

                   3. 負責審核產品研發策略、監督實施、程式開發等,根據市場及時作出正確調整。

                   4. 配合集團發展方針,制訂各項內部流程及正策。 

                   5. 導入虛擬化及雲平台(Cloud)、Microservices(微服務)、Kubernetes 等相關技術。以限流、緩存等方式確保設計與


                   6. 與合作的團隊溝通,確保系統功能開發完成且滿足系統規格。 

                   7. 應用到開發技術有Docker、Kubernetes、SpringBoot、SpringCloud、JPA 、Netty、Redis、Zookeeper.

                   8. 應用到管理工具: GitLab、GitBlit、Jira、Jenkins。 

                   9. 開發語言:  Java、Shell Script。


新漢股份有限公司 ( 2016/10~ 2018/03) 

職稱: 資深技術經理


➢ Project Name: NexStack Integration OpenLab 

• Responsible for the Project Leader, to achieve mixed cloud computing applications and infrastructure integration.

• Management of virtualization technology, software containers (Docker), and then reach a cloud solution.

• Import DevOps process, making the build, test, release software can be more fast, frequent, and reliable. 


• Automate deployment, expansion, and management of containerized applications with Kubernetes. 

• Based on the Microservice using a modular approach to the combination of complex large-scale applications.

• Development Technology: Docker, Kubernetes, Rabbitmq, API Gateway, RestfulAPI, Mongodb, SwaggerUI, SpringBoot, SpringCloud. 

• Management Technology: SVN, Git, Redmine, Jenkins. 

• Computer Language: Java, PHP, Python.

專案名稱:NexStack Integration OpenLab 

工作內容: 1. 主要是負責物聯網雲端技術開發架構導入,以實現混合雲端運算應 用與基礎建設之整合管理虛擬化技術

                        (Virtualization),軟體容器(Docker) ,進而達成雲端解決方案。 

                    2. 導入DevOps的流程,使得構建、測試、發布軟體能夠更加地快捷、頻繁和可靠。用於Kubernetes自動部署,擴展


                    3. 以微服務(Microservices)為單一責任與功能的小型功能區塊(Small Building Blocks) 為基礎,利用模組化的方式組


                    4. 應用到開發工具有Docker、Kubernetes、Message Queue、API Gateway、mongodb、Swagger UI、Laravel


                    5. 應用到管理工具: SVN、Git、Redmine、Jenkins等。 

                    6. 開發語言:Java、PHP、Python等。


緯創資通- 緯穎科技服務股份有限公司(Spin-off) ( 2011/01~ 2015/05) 

職稱:   技術經理


➢ Project Name: Cluster Manager 

• Responsible for the Project Leader, planning and coordinating product displays, tracking progress, and participation in market research, concept design, and related activities. 

• Cluster Manager allows you to set different monitoring screens using hosts as units or provide functions for managing a single unit. The management scale could be a rack, small and medium enterprise, a telecom company, or even a mega data center. 



➢ Project Name: Cloud Image Service Manager 

• Responsible for aggregate demand of various departments, the allocation of human resources, and design architecture and develop specifications with the Wuhan team. 

• Providing Web Application to convert OS image, and integrating a variety of Virtual Machine image format for Cloud OS with ITRI Cloud Computing Center.

專案名稱:Cluster Manager 


1. 主要是擔任Project Leader與技術開發,匯整公司內部整合的需求、分配人力資源,溝通協調並制規格(Spec),控管好Project的Scope、Time、Quality,讓專案如期、如質上線。 

2. 軟體的設計規劃,協助同仁程式撰寫、程式開發、定期主持專案例會,同時也與QA部門規劃建Test Plan、Bug Tracking。 3. 應用到管理工具有SVN、Git、Redmine、Jenkins等。 

技術層面: Cluster Manager 提供網頁介面給有需要管理雲櫃的管理者,讓您輕鬆的管理雲櫃上的運作狀態。除了可以監督支持IPMI協定的BMC機器之外,幫助管理者進行部署(Deploy)、維護和更新(Maintain and update)、監測和警示(Monitor and Alert)、優化(Optimize)、分析和故障排除(Analyze and troubleshoot)等,有效掌握雲櫃的即時運作情況。


PHP、Zend Framework、Java、Shell Script、Java Script、JQuery、Mysql、PostgreSQL等。 



專案名稱:Cloud Image Service Manager 


1. 主要是擔任專案技術管理主管與技術開發,與武漢團隊設計架構並制定規格(Spec),將Project透過 規格化、標準化的文件製作(如Use Case、Product Spec等),程式開發設計。

2. 整合與工業技術研究院雲端中心合作開發Cloud OS支援VM Image Convert and Upload各種Virtual Machine所需要Image格式。 

3. 應用到管理工具: SVN、Git、Redmine、Jenkins。 

4. 應用到程式技術: Java、Kvm、Qemu等。


緯創資通股份有限公司 ( 2011/01~ 2015/05) 

職稱: 技術經理 


➢ Project Name: Cloud User Portal Service Manager 

• Responsible for planning the entire duration of the case, design architecture, and develop specifications with the Wuhan team. 

• Providing Web Interface allows users to track monitor Cloud CPUs, Memories and VM Counts. 

➢ Project Name: Open Cloud Computing Operating System 

• Responsible for planning and coordination test process, and problem tracking with ITRI Cloud Computing Center for cloud system management software, along with the physical resources management, virtual resource management, data storage management, and system of information security protection mechanism.


專案名稱:Cloud User Portal Service Manager 


1. 主要是擔任專案技術管理主管與技術開發,統籌與規劃公司的專案及進度,讓資源與進度有效被使用,與武漢團隊設計架構並制定規格(Spec) 。

2. 將專案的規格描述溝通清楚與文件化之外,更要注意雙方的認知與溝通。專案進行時,也擔任Code Review的執行者。

3. 提供Web-Based讓使用者可以追蹤監控Cloud CPUs、Memories、VM Counts等各種資源。

4. 應用到管理工具: SVN、Git、Redmine、Jenkins等。 

5. 應用到程式技術: Java、Struts、JSP、Html、Mysql等。  

專案名稱:開放式雲端運算作業系統 Cloud OS 


1. 主要是擔任系統分析(SA),作為PM與RD之間的溝通橋樑。 

2. 與工業技術研究院雲端中心合作開發測試整合Cloud OS,同時具備實體資源管理、虛擬資源管理、資料儲存管理系統。 

3. Bug的追蹤與解決、驗收…等工作的執行與推動。 

4. 應用到程式技術: Java、C、C++、Shell Script、Java Script、JQuery、 SQLite、OpenStack。


鴻海精密工業股份有限公司 ( 2010/03~ 2010/11) 

職稱: 資深軟體工程師

➢ Project Name: MID Project Android Platform 

• Responsible for designing the Android widget. 

➢ Project Name: eBook of Yuan Liu Yong. 

• Responsible for tools porting of eBook. 

➢ Project Name: MG1 Project 

• Responsible for touch panel driver behavior.


MID Project Android Platform, 遠流金庸eBook電子書, MG1 Project Touch Panel driver。


1. MID Project Android Platform主要負責Android widget的研究開發。 

2. 遠流金庸eBook電子書主要負責Tools Porting整合及工廠量產產測。 

3. MG1 Project主要負責研究touch panel driver behavior。


資訊工業策進會 ( 2004/10~ 2010/02) 


➢ Project Name: GPS Localization Communication System 

• Responsible for using ZigBee wireless Jennic chip platform to collect from the 802.15.4 MAC layer GPS positioning information, through the 802.15.4 MAC layer Protocol to send GPS Localization Data to the PC side of the RS232 UART port, to the positioning of the transmission of wireless communication. 

➢ Project Name: Ubiquitous Home Smart Grid Center 

• Responsible for the communication system of network socket programming. 

➢ Project Name: ZigBee Positioning System 

• Responsible for using ZigBee wireless to collect RSSI signal strength, through the Gateway return positioning algorithm to set the location, providing back-end Service Platform. 

➢ Project Name: Environmental perception of temperature and humidity monitoring system 

• Responsible for using ZigBee wireless to collect environmental temperature and humidity information, through the Gateway returns actual temperature and humidity values ​​and stored into the database. 

➢ Project Name: Automatic Meter Reading System 

• Responsible for collecting meter data value analysis, mail sending module, SMS sending module, and communication module development. 

➢ Project Name: Instant Messaging and Presence Service System 

• Responsible for IM service platform programming. 

➢ Project Name: Push to Talk Voice service system 

• Responsible for server service platform programming.

專案名稱:國際廠商合作案–GPS Localization Communication System 

工作內容:主要負責在zigBee Jennic晶片平台上,收集GPS定位的資訊。 

專案名稱:經濟部創新前瞻研發專案–Ubiquitous Home Smart Grid Center 無 所不在居家智慧型節能源系統 

工作內容:主要負責Java Network Socket雙向通訊系統程式。 

專案名稱:經濟部科技專案 –ZigBee人員物品定位系統 


專案名稱:經濟部科技專案 –智慧型半導體封裝測試盒物品定位系統 

工作內容:主要負責定位系統、Java 監控系統開發。 

專案名稱:故宮廠商合作案 – 環境感知溫溼度監控系統 


專案名稱:台灣電力公司審標案 – Automatic Meter Reading 自動讀表系統 


專案名稱:經濟部科技專案–Instant Messaging and Presence Service 服務系統 


專案名稱:經濟部科技專案–Push to Talk 語音服務系統 


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