Yi-Han, Shen

This is Daphne Shen, I have a simple family which consist of my husband, a beautiful daughter and me.

I was an assistant to an overseas sales department, so my responsibilities were replying to mail and making sure the delivery was on time. Preparing the goods and making sure of the shipping, company website management ran smoothly, designing greeting cards and sending them out to clients, making sales reports for every month, and making sure the payment was received from every client. I also did RMA service processing, exhibition documents assisting etc.

After leaving my former job, I became a full-time mom. But I've never stopped learning new things and trying to find new opportunities. I used to sell some clothes online. But I closed it down because of Covid-19 had started and it was hard to import products. Now, I work as a product marketing blogger on Instagram. I'm still learning about how to manage a personal brand and while I manage it. I occasionally try to make some videos and editing has become my new habit.

My life representative:
I believe if I work hard on everything, I will achieve a good result for you one day. I am the person to respect and accomplish it all very hard without any fancy talk, one who finishes it because of my own job responsibilities and I love learning new things and making my skills grow stronger. I try to be an independent person and help to solve problems in a team. 

I want to be a successful administrative specialist where I can support the company to grow together as a family.

  • Taipei City University of Science & Technology

     - Graduated by year 2014

  Taoyuan, Taoyuan District, Taoyuan City, Taiwan

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Instagram brand marketing reviews promotion

Work experiences

Instagram Social media marketing of freelancer

January, 2021 - Present

-Use the personal business page on Instagram for marketing products by using blogs to share reviews. Most of the product reviews include skincare, cosmetics, women's garments, and accessories.

-Meanwhile, the most important thing is that as a woman in today's society, whether a woman who enters a family or women in the workplace, I share my personal brand concept from the perspective of focusing on self-growth and motivation.

-The concept of my project is not just showing graphics or posts, sometimes the content is presented in stories on Instagram, filming video and editing for representatives.

Shoppe online shopping platform •  Naiophne Western Fashion Curvy Clothes and Accessories  / Freelance

May 2017 - January 2021

Self-employee of online auctions purchased by imports. 

Products are based on the most mainstream western women's trendy clothing and accessories. (But online auctions have been suspended due to the pandemic).

Overseas sales assistant • OEMEC (Taiwan) Corp. 

June, 2016 - April, 2017

-Sample clothing comments translation

-Develop sample production orders

-Sample clothes, bulk orders and production progress tracking

-Customer services English emails and replies

-Sample cloth cutting and bulk fabrics color card delivery

-Application for customs

-Complete the tasks assigned by the supervisor

-Main and subsidiary materials purchase tracking and follow-up

-Assistance in the development of samples for the new season

-Exhibition follow up, customs declaration and document maintenance

-Washing mark production and verification

-Meeting record integration

-Debit note processing


October, 2014 - September, 2015

-Domestic and Overseas sales quotation 

-Domestic and export monthly statement operation

-Sending and receiving file management

-Basic English correspondence

-Periodic export sales commercial promotion, poster production

-Website maintenance

-Product catalog layout, design and production

-Exhibition follow up and tracking, customs declaration documents, maintenance

-Business trip hotel and air ticket price comparison, booking management

-Import and export declaration operation management

-Shipment management

-Production of export invoices, packing lists, wheat heads and all related documents

-Contact window of a logistics company or customs broker

-Shipping logistics freight price comparison management

- Run errands to a post office and purchase stationery

 -Representative operation, lunch box booking

 -Complete the tasks assigned by the supervisor 

- ERP system for information key-in program

Accounting assistant  •  Tung Lee Electrical Co., Ltd

August, 2012 - May, 2014

-Accounts payable management

-Receipt and Uniform Invoice Issuance

-Verify invoices and manufacturer's request for payment

-Petty cash management

-Bank transfer operations

- Run errands to a post office and purchase stationery

-HR related, insurance business plus insurance processing

-Export invoice, packing list and related materials production and wheat head print out

-Contact the customs broker to arrange shipping or express delivery arrangements

-Complete the tasks assigned by the supervisor

Computer data input, word data processing


User Experience

  • Word
  • PowerPoint
  • Excel
  • Outlook
  • Photoshop primary
  • TOEIC 510 ( tested by year 2014)
  • Canva primary
  • Edit videos by mobile
  • KOL, Influencer photo taking skills
  • Writing effective marketing promotional 
  • Basic multimedia briefing making
  • Instagram management
  • Instagram Influencer
  • Youtuber


  • Chinese
  • English