David D'Addario

Successful Metals and Mining Executive

Based in Florida, David D’Addario is a veteran of the metals and recycling sector, with more than three decades of experience in senior leadership at companies such as Wise Metals Group and NEROC. David D’Addario has a proven track record of success, guiding Wise through challenging circumstances to become the third-leading provider of aluminum can stock to the worldwide beverage and food sectors. 

For the past two years, he has been the chairman and CEO of New Day Aluminum and its two subsidiary companies, Noranda Alumina and Noranda Bauxite. Under his tenure, Noranda Alumina finalized plans for the $35 million expansion of its Louisiana refinery operations. Once the upgrades are complete, the new plant will increase its capacity of chemical-grade alumina by upward of 200,000 metric tons. 

In addition to his work at New Day Aluminum, he is the leader of DADA Holdings, a Fort Lauderdale investment firm that specializes in metals and mining companies.

Bridgeport, CT, US


Jan 1, 2001 - Present

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
New Day Aluminum  


Jan 1, 1980 - May 1, 1984

Yale University

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