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David Lee

Life is a horse, and either you ride it or it rides you.

Consultant, SAP ABAP Developer , SD/FI/GUI Module, Business Tax 
New Taipei City, Taiwan 
[email protected]


  •   SAP ABAP language 
  •   SAS, R , SPSS Statistical software tool
  •   Business Tax knowledge (Taiwan Law)
  •   SAP FI / SD Module
  •   Data analysis with software
  •   Project management
  •   Business flow analysis


Consultant , Jul 2019 - 

In a Deloitte Consulting firm as an analyst  in SAP SD module.

  • Participating global training in first month to sharpen the skills and communicate with mainland China coworkers
  • Executing SAP migration project with SD module  system configuration 
  • Support master data migration to SAP S/4 HANA 

Until now, I had involved in more than four projects in my work experience.

Consultant Assistant, Dec 2017 - Jun 2019

In a technology service consult company to be an assistant consultant in SAP ERP industry. 

  • Conduct my first business project with international shipping company
  • My job is to examine the business system and business flow 
  • Learn how to realize the business structure with  SAP ABAP language 
  • Need lots of communication with accountant and got more knowledge of accounting and tax law from this international project and work with the IBM. 

Big Data Analyst - Intern, Jan-May 2017

Three-month-period Intern in the Big Data Company which is committed to industry analyst. 

  • Writing the report to demonstrate the industry
  • Compare the brands' competition by those data which provide by government open data and the emotional positing in FB
  • Research the industries included smart phone, 3C industry, sport brand, motor brand, etc.

Also we need to make an interview with the entrepreneur and have a great communication with them.

Math teacher TA, Aug 2014 - May 2017

Three-year-experience mathematical teacher in a cram school which is near NTU in Taipei City. 

  • My job is to teach junior high students subjects and coursework. 
  • We need to be counter in front of table
  • Solve the problems form their parents
  • Communicate with customer which their children want or they need to improve 

Project Experience

SAP X Deloitte

Consulting Firm in Big 4 and participated migration projects in SD module.


Work with IBM consultant Negotiate the working flow Solve the problem SAP system and IT solution Data Mining and organizing

Business Tax

Connecting Tax Bureau to Solve the tax report issue communicate with FI User or accountant to find the best  business flow with SAP system 







進入職場後的我,對自己的期許是積發揮所長,在工作中督促自己不斷充實自我,一年要比一年更進步。也參與過國立中央大學ERP中心實習,並考取SAS,SAP ERP相關統計分析及商務流程證照,進修商務研習,並專研SAP系統,進入資訊顧問公司磨練,已增進對商務環境的熟稔,也曾接觸國外專案與外籍人士溝通,並專案參與中,模組系統設定、主檔轉檔、規格書撰寫等。


Personal Statement

Hi, I am David. I was born in Taipei, Taiwan, and come from a very happy middle-class family. My father works in a factory; Mother is a faculty member. My parents have taught us to treat people with sincerity and be independent since I was a child.

Throughout my academic years, I major in Management Science and train us to be scientists of business manager. Speaking to my accomplishment, I'm confident to my ability of system arrangement about big-data and statistics skills.

I have learned not only in aspect of mathematical analysis skills, but also in the fields of business software like SAS, SPSS, and SAP ABAP development. Before I graduated from college, I had 3 certificates include IBM SPSS Statistic, MS Office Master, and SAS EG ERP Center. 

In the future, I will sharpen my soft skills to make the business analysis much better in order to making contribution to corporate and the future business environment.

I have joined the business intern which is about data mining and big-data analysis in order to sharping my coding skills and social skills, and also make friends with congenial people in three-month training period. I really enjoy participating in data mining and marketing analysis; I not only learn lots of business skills but also acquire many valuable experiences.

Throughout my life, both inside and outside of school, I have shown that I have more confident to overcome obstacles and solve problem by myself. I'm an easy going person which means I have better adaptability to face the change or challenge. Always remind myself that the opportunity is always for those people who get ready to grab it. I think I have confident to make a great addition in your team. I’m more than exciting to meet you to discuss my abilities and experience in detail with you.

Contact me: 

Mail: [email protected]  

Thanks and be looking forward to receiving your reply.

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