Chen-En Hou

Ph.D. Management

Department of Business Administration, National Central University 

Area of Specialty: Strategic Management, Industry Analysis, Marketing Research, Statistic Analysis, Corporate Social Responsibility.

2 years experience in Corporate/Industry Strategy, Business Performances Analysis, CSR Issues, Event Organizing.  


Ph.D., Department of Business Administration, National Central University, 2015 ~ 2019

Experiences 00 01@2x

MBA, Chang-Jung Christian University, 2012 ~ 2014

Experiences 00 02@2x


極品燕窩之家, 2020-2021

Marketing manager

Experiences 00 00@2x

Peer Reviewer, Academy of Management Annual Meeting, 2018-2021

Strategy department, Operation and Supply Chain Management department

Experiences 00 00@2x

Military Service, National Immigration Agency, Feb. 2019 - Feb. 2020

General Affair, Assisting with Immigration Services, Postal Affairs, Process Optimization

Experiences 00 00@2x

Teaching Assistance, Department of Business Administration, National Central University, July. 2015 ~ Jan. 2019

Economic/Management/Introduction to Business course

Assist Professor, Organize and Project Lecture, Entrepreneur Project guide, Course Affair

Experiences 00 01@2x

Lecture Assistance, Wang ZiBin Management Speech, Sep. 2012 - June. 2014

Planning and Publicity, Work team coordination, Venue and Equipment, Speaker Reception, Film Archive Management

Experiences 00 02@2x

Working Ability

Analytical & strategic thinking 

General management and cross unit coordination 

Problem solving

Plan and execute event/projects

Ability to work in diverse environments and with diverse groups




Market Research/Research Design

Corporate Social Responsibility

Event planning and execution


English : Fluent

Chinese : Fluent

Taiwanese : Fluent


TOEIC 935 

Driver Licence : Automobile and Motorcycle


Inclusion in global virtual teams: Exploring non-spatial proximity and knowledge sharing on innovation.

Hung, S. W., Cheng, M. J., Hou, C. E., & Chen, N. R. (2020) 

Journal of Business Research (In press) [SSCI] 科技部優良期刊/中央大學優良期刊

Where does customer value come from? An assessment of the global bicycle manufacturers industry’s product attribute, technical capability, and brands.

Hou, C. E., Cheng, M. J., Hung, S. W., Chen, S. H., & Shen, M. Y. (2020).  

Total Quality Management & Business Excellence, 31(1-2), 99-111. [SSCI]

Does CSR matter? Influence of corporate social responsibility on corporate performance in the creative industry.

Hou, C. E., Lu, W. M., & Hung, S. W. (2019).  

Annals of Operations Research, 1-25. [SCI] 科技部優良期刊/中央大學優良期刊

Exploration of the evolution of nanotechnology from a patent co-classification perspective. 

Wang, A. P., Hou, C. E., & Hung, S. W. (2018). 

Nanotechnology Reviews, 7(3), 233-245. [SCI]


Public Welfare or Commercial Product? Social Enterprise Consumer Behaviors 

Academy of Management Annual Meeting, Chicago, IL, U.S.A., 2018 

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