David Chien

Software QA Engineer/ Software Engineer in Test

  Taipei City, Taiwan

Email: [email protected]

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LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/david-chien-a699105b/


  • Worked at HP Inc. in Taiwan as a System Integration Engineer as a contractor and experienced in software quality assurance related field about 7 years in total.

  • Special in manual software debugging and performance testing by using Windows assessment console tool and create automation script to do the repetition actions by using AutoIT/Selenium.

  • Eligible to analyst the system traces to find out the performance issues by using Windows Performance Recorder/Windows Performance Analyzer to find out the performance root causes.


  •   Create Automation Test Script - Experienced with creating test script through AutoIT, HP QTP, and Selenium Webdriver to help the automation test tasks. Perform test actions, system info collections, web automation etc...
  •   Create Test Cases & Executing Issue Debugging & Reporting - Create and perform test cases through HP Quality Center and Testrail system, log the issue/defect in QC and Jira system.
  •   Analyzing performance Trace - Evaluating App performance data between retail OS image and baseline OS image. Find out the root cause of the performance issues from the performance testing. Use 3D mark tool to test computer system performance.
  •   Clone and restore OS image - use clonezilla or Norton ghost to clone the operating system.
  •   Create VM Ware - Create virtual machine to set up the test environment.
  •   Process Monitor – dig into the process tree and find out which sub process may impact the current process’s performance.
  •   Flash BIOS, DASH a HP system, personalize HP software components through DASH system.

Work Experiences

HP 3rd party app test engineer - as a contractor


十一月 2016 - 十月 2020
Taipei, Taiwan

Main responsibilities:

1. Test functionalities and capabilities of McAfee LiveSafe on HP newer cycle platforms.

- McAfee will add the new functionalities for its product in irregular time, and we need to ensure its functionality and capability will not be malfunctioning on different HP platforms, no matter it is for consumer or commercial.

2. Issue debugging and regression of McAfee LiveSafe on HP platforms.

- ODM reports the found issue to our PM team and then be confirmed if it is not a duplicated issue, then pass the case to us to confirm if it is a real issue. Once the issue is confirmed, we will pass the case back to the PM team, the PM team will communicate with the McAfee team to investigate and fix the issue.

3. Performance testing in comparison with HP retail image and Microsoft baseline image. Analyzing any abnormal performance during the user experience of McAfee LiveSafe.

- We do performance testing regularly on different platforms for each cycle to ensure if there is any abnormal performance that may happen on particular platforms. If the performance is low on certain platforms and it is not acceptable then that platform maybe dropped for the cycle or in future cycles.

- The tools we may use for performance testing: Windows assessment console, Windows performance analyzer, Windows performance assessment toolkits.

4. Setup the proper test environment for McAfee LiveSafe testing.

- It is being required to get proper HP software components and drivers in order to get the desired test conditions. To achieve setting up the test environment, the following mechanism would be performed: HP Dash process, HP personal material list setup, Clonezilla, VMware Workstation.

QA analyst

QA consultants

九月 2012 - 十二月 2014
Toronto, Canada

Working on-side and remotely for Aviva brokerportal project.

• The Aviva brokerportal project is a web platform that provides its consumer to inquire or apply an insurance plan or customize the plan, our responsibility is to ensure its functionalities by manually and bug finding via using the tool of HP Quality Control.

Internal company automation framework development project.

• Participating and learning in the development of automation framework from Aviva. The framework is written in VBscript and execute via HP ALM. This automation framework is designed to automate various tasks for the web application needs and repeat the user action to see if there is any failure rate.

Working on-side for Canadian Tire project.

• The project is about maintaining its front-end website and create test cases to cover all the possible scenarios to achieve at least 98% of all possible user’s interaction on the website. Our team member and I also execute the test cases and log the defect for them to help them to fix the issues.


2008 - 2012

Seneca College

Computer Engineering Technology

2004 - 2008

Northview Heights Secondary School

Field of study



Thank you for spending some time to read my resume, and here is little information about my background.

I’m from Taiwan, and I moved to Toronto Canada for my study from high school to college.

After the college graduation from computer technology program at Seneca, I found a job in a QA company which is called QA consultants. The company is delivering the IT services which include software testing and quality assurance solutions. They have a huge number of clients which are quite famous over there (in Canada). And my job duty is to make sure clients' web application or software product is working as intend and user-friendly, also base on their business plan to adjust the test cases, and to make sure cover all their business need. Of course, sometimes I need to work on-side as well, because face-to-face communication is easier to understand what they (the clients) need.

After working there about three years, I had to leave the job due to the incomplete military service in Taiwan. I was being required to come back to Taiwan and finish the service. During that time, I couldn’t renew my passport, so I was not able to go back to Canada and keep working there.

After finishing the military service, I found my first job in Taiwan, which is HP Inc. It is an America company with flexible working hours, but sometimes we still need to overtime to complete our tasks. Basically, what I did, you could refer to my resume for details!

And now, I start looking for a QA related job or software programming jobs in Taiwan.

If you interest about my abilities and skills, I am willing to contribute it and hopefully we could grow up together! Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions. I will be available to meet with you for an interview any time during the week. Thank you for your time and consideration.



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