Davide De Luca

  Rome, Italy

[email protected]

+39 3284569715

I studied graphics and visual content at the IED (European Institute of Design) in Rome. After that, I improved my knowledge in the digital sector working in different fields; from the web to social media, from the creation of startups to the management of the social media channels of many companies.
I manage teams dedicated to the development of customized software based on client needs.
I develop strategies and create content for various social media channels based on targets and objectives.
I develop complete editorial plans with copy and graphics ready for publishing.
I organize events and meetings for up to 200 digital workers every month in Rome and the other two Italian cities. I also often communicate with the main office in London.
I proactively suggest new activities to stay up to date on current trends
I have excellent problem solving and multitasking skills, I can work both independently and in a team, trying to identify the main objectives and uniform the vision to reach them.


Work Experience

Social Media Manager

Danam s.r.l.

October 2019 - Present

Danam is a platform where you can book the services you need - for home, education, wellness, etc.. It analyses reviews, compares the deals and books that you need at the best value for money. Danam is an online marketplace that selects a few qualified professionals in various sectors, who indicate transparent prices and conditions for each of their services.

Danam hosts ads for professionals and SMEs services. As they need management of their social channels, my task is to turn their offline activities into online advertising to enhance their digital presence.

This year we have seen a monthly growth of 10%

Main responsibilities::

  • Development and creation of content for social networks
  • Creation of contents and the editorial plan
  • Following new trends
  • Planning communication strategies and guerrilla marketing
  • Definition of technology strategies which maximize the business value and minimize time to market

Social Media Manager


April 2016 - Present

Main responsibilities:

  • Managing digital projects, communication and strategies on social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, TikTok).
  • Creation and execution of ideas towards the development of strategic initiatives for many SMEs.

Main clients:

  • Food companies (with a 20% monthly increase)
  • Beverage companies (social and eCommerce with a 30% monthly increase)
  • Small local businesses
  • Publishing houses (up to 3.000 users on their store in one month)

Case study (Book publisher):

  • 2614 new followers in 3 months and over 3.000 users diverted to Amazon to buy books online (company goals achieved 100%)
  • Post coverage on the single book over 54k users
  • Launch of one new book

Case study (Cantina Wine):

  • Over 14k coverage posts
  • New brand reputation
  • Achieved high-level online selling
  • Creation of an eCommerce platform and management of customer satisfaction

Case study (bread company for GDO):

  • Creation of an online presence and a social channel
  • Creation of a WhatsApp business account to manage orders
  • Creation of a strategy to operate on social media

Case study (software house):

  • Remedying the brand negative image through new social algorithms (result: hundreds of new requests every week)
  • Active campaign of email marketing

Other clients:

  • Responsible for the entire web presence of the company and new customer
  • Acquisition through digital channels: website, eCommerce, digital advertising,
  • Aggregators and social media.
  • Redesigned customer experience and achieved + 100% of web goals
  • Digital marketing plan definition and roll out online
  • Developed the scratch new communication channels for the company in order to
  • Reach a larger number of potential customers
  • Achieved over 50% of social engagement of their customers
  • Planned and developed social media strategy on a social media

Event organizer

Silicon Drinkbout Rome chapter

September 2017 - Present

Silicon Drinkabout is a global community of startups powered by local events. Each city is run by passionate volunteers, fulled by their love of bringing people together to create meaningful, face-to-face relationships that go beyond just a professional network. The Silicon Drinkabout community has been described as a support network, a place to have open conversations and best of all, as a family. Everyone is welcome; just come and say hello.

And, as the Italian ambassador, I take care of the whole management of the event

Main responsibilities:

  • Finding the perfect locations in agreement with sponsors, embassies, companies, schools, entrepreneurs and investors.
  • Organization of speakers and engagement of participants
  • Sending emails and communications for direct invitations
  • Preparation of graphics and contents for social networks
  • Event coordination
  • 36 events in 3 years
  • +2.000 contact in the mailing list
  • +1260 proactive real followers attending the event


2015 - 2015

"InnovActionLab" by LVenture Group Accelerator

Startup & Innovation

2017 - 2020

Course "Social Media Live Program " by Luca La Mesa (in progress)

Social Media Marketing

2020 - 2021

Course "Social Media Training (season 2)" by Luca La Mesa (in progress)

Social Media Marketing

2020 - 2020

Course "Social Media Training (season 1)" of Luca La Mesa (exam passed)

Social Media Marketing

2000 - 2005

Institute G.Guacci

Liceo Scientifico-Tecnologico

2011 - 2012

IED - European Institute of Design

Graphic designer


Soft skills

  • Communication skills
  • Public relations
  • Event organizer
  • Creativity
  • Lateral thinking
  • Outgoing personality
  • Photo editor
  • Video editor
  • Audio editor


  • Photography
  • Videomaking
  • Music
  • Technology
  • Martial arts
  • Travel
  • Cinema
  • Networking
  • Cooking
  • Innovation


  • Italian (native)
  • English (B2 level)

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