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Davis Dai

  • 6+ years web development experience
    • Python, Django, RESTful API, AWS
  • 6+ startup co-founding experience
    • Startup operation, business development, AARRR funnel
  • 12+ years product development experience
    • user experience, lean prototyping, cross-functional communication, project management 

CTO、Sr.Software Manager、Sr.Software Engineer
[email protected], +886963196132

About me

I have 12+ years product development experience and have contributed 10+ project / products as a developer and manager. I am experienced in production lifecycle from idea, prototyping, production to pivot. 

During my career, the first 6 years is for Acer. Working in a corporation, I am used to co-work with different functional people include design, hardware, marketing, PM and QA. 

In the second 6 years, I co-founded 2 startups with 3 other co-founders. I have learned to stay lean, quick, flexible and profitability. Founding startups pushes me to solve not only production problems, but also marketing, cost, finance, business development and human resource, ...etc. These are precious lessons which give me the ability to inspect the deficiency of team in different perspective, and then resolve the problem in a cost-effective way. 



  • Python, Javascript, HTML/CSS, C#, C/C++, Google App Script
  • Django, Django REST Framework, Wagtail, Swagger, Zappa, Bootstrap
  • AWS, EC2, Load Balancer, RDS, Elastic Beanstalk, S3, Route53, CloudFront, Lambda, CloudWatch, Redis, PostgreSQL, DynamoDB, Heroku, Azure, LUIS
  • Web crawler, Serverless, Unit testing, Profiling, Scaling, Optimization
  • Vagrant, Visual Studio Code, Linux, Git, Github, Gemfury


  • Lean Prototyping, Design Thinking, Cost Control
  • Project Management, Cross-functional Communication
  • Business Development
  • Sales Management, AARRR Funnel
  • Cash Flow Management
  • Financial Reporting

Work Experience

Trip+, Backend Developer / CTO / Sales Lead, Oct 2019 ~ present

  • CRM system development with auto signing process. Reduced 50% operation time. 
    • Django + Heroku + Zoho Sign + Stripe, low cost $7 / month
  • Built FB Messenger chatbot to improve sales funnel
    • Increased 50% customer engagement rate and been able to do re-marketing
    • Cost only $5 / month
  • New discount pricing strategy which increases 30% closing rate
  • Sales management, pricing strategy, marketing strategy


Trip+, Backend Developer / CTO, May 2015 ~ Sep 2019

Point & miles online store, Jan 2018 ~ Sep 2019

  • The only one authorized store in Chinese market with real-time miles transaction 
  • Multi-gateway (Stripe, Square) checkout flow which selects gateway by credit card issuing country to save transaction fee
  • Fraud radar which has blocked fraud groups and secured 1M+ USD
  • Co-worked with airline award program team (Avios and LifeMiles) for API integration
Chatbot service from scratch, Mar 2019 ~ Jun 2019 (hundreds of daily users)

  • Conversational and contextual query development with integrating state machine and 3rd party messaging and NLP services
  • Solution research and architecture design. Reduced annual cost from $5,000 to $600.
  • Leading backend team (2 members), DevOp, RESTFul API, Documentation

Point & miles UGC platform ,Oct 2018 ~ Mar 2019 (hundreds of daily users)

  • Credit card recommendation algorithm based on user preference and reading content
  • Architecture optimization
    • Offloaded routine work to serverless service (AWS Lambda) and reduced Redis cache
    • Reduced cost $50+ / month
  • Leading backend team (1 member), DevOp, RESTFul API, co-working product SPEC

Miles based flight search engine, May 2015 ~ Oct 2018 (thousands of monthly users)

  • Algorithm development for award ticket achievement. 2.5x faster to get award ticket. 
    • OTA API integration includes Priceline, Skyscanner, Kiwi and Sabre
    • Airfare crawlers development for EVA air, Japan Airlines and Expedia
  • Performance optimization. Calculating 225K awards and 0.5M flight routes in 1 second
  • Wallet crawlers for 20 airline award programs 
    • Headless browser, proxy and captcha-crack services integration for crawlers 
  • Leading backend team (1 member), DevOp, RESTful API, unit testing, co-working with frontend and designer for product SPEC
  • Business development with Priceline, HotelsCombined, MilesWallet (acquired) 
  • AWS, EC2, Load Balancer, RDS (PostgreSQL), S3, Elastic Beanstalk, Route53, Lambda, CloudWatch, Redis, DynamoDB, Azure, LUIS, Pubnub, OneSignal, Cloudflare, Heroku 
  • RESTful API, Django, Django REST framework, Django-silk, Wagtail, Zappa, Swagger API


Pichat, Backend Developer, Feb 2014 ~ May 2015

  • RESTful API development with Django, Django REST Framework and AWS


Acer, R&D Manager, Jan 2008 ~ Feb 2014

R&D Manager, Dec 2012 ~ Feb 2014 

  • Leading a task force with 5 members for product planning and prototyping
  • C++/CX, design thinking, cross-functional communication
Associated R&D Manager, Dec 2010 ~ Dec 2012
  • Co-working with Intel US team to optimize graphic performance of Acer Ring app on Windows tablet. The performance is 10% faster than iPad. 
  • C++, Direct2D, cross-functional communication
Senior Project Researcher, Jun 2009 ~ Dec 2010
  • C#, .NET Framework, WPF
Project Researcher, Jan 2008 ~ Jun 2009
  • C#, .NET Framework, WPF



National Chiao Tung University, master's degree, computer science, 2005 ~ 2007

Thesis: Improving Xen Network Throughput by Bypassing Driver Domain


Nation Chung Cheng University, bachelor's degree, computer science, 2001 ~ 2005


Kaohsiung Senior High School, 1998 ~ 2001


Honors & Awards

  • 500 startups accelerator program batch 21 in Silicon Valley (April 2017 ~ Jun 2017) - TripPlus

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