Johnny Xie

Backend Engineer


Hi, I am Johnny Xie, backend engineer.

I specialize in building  stable, maintainable, scalable application.

Keeping it simple & stupid is my design principle.


[email protected]



  • php
  • swoole
  • Laravel
  • Hyperf
  • Mysql
  • Redis
  • Golang


  • javascript
  • vue
  • html
  • css


  • docker
  • nginx
  • k8s
  • istio
  • Google Cloud Platform (GCP)
  • gitlab ci cd
  • traefik


  • TDD


  • git
  • fast learning skill
  • electron
  • Integrate line
  • Integrate facebook

Work Experience

Backend Engineer  •  Silkrode

May月 2020 - Present

  • Order service refactor
    • Fix slow query , remove repeated requests , fixed version speed up 30%.
    • Add gateway for rate limit, making the system more stable.
  • Payment system
    • Design payment  systems include risk control , account manager , gateway service .
    • Design db schema
    • Make sure application maintainable stables scalable
    • Add log tracing,  so members can quickly collect logs for debugging.
  • Participate in developing internal tools
    • internal-gateway (scarlet-witch)
      • internal reverse proxy, focus rate limit and using queue forward request to job-manager, until job-manager response (use queue)  and then response to client side.
    • job-manager
      • Writing executable tasks Yaml files, db will also have input and output for each step to facilitate debugging,

Backend Engineer   •  M17 HandsUp

January月 2019 - May月 2020

  • Logistic system
    • abstract third party logistic api
    • Each logistics order enqueue,  let lets the system have fault tolerance and a retry mechanism, and instant slack notification in case of error.
  • Optimization system
    • Fix n + 1 query and slow query.
    • Using clean architecture to refactor the codebase that more maintainable.

Backend Engineer   •  Migo FBbuy

January月 2018 - January月 2019

  • facebook microservice
    • Add the queue mechanism to process fb community posts synchronization.
  • Auto order system
    • Design an automatic statement structure, and cut the module to define the payload between modules, so that colleagues can collaborate and develop more smoothly.

(When the function was first launched, it was used by nearly 50% of the community purchasing agent sellers, and the response was good.)

  • Backend member system
    •  Optimization member summary api, fix versioned speed up 90%

Backend Engineer   •  UShare

June月 2016 - August月 2017

  • Invoice system
    • Connect with the original POS system
    • Design the account management system to  generate numbers for POS machines
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