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Hello, I'm Michael. I'm software engineer, and an enthusiasm self-learner. I've gained experience in data cleaning, data visualization, machine learning, and web crawling.

[email protected]


Backend skills

Fluent with python and have abilities to make a website from the scratch with Django(with REST framework).

Frontend Skills

Working knowledge of react and modern CSS. 

Web Crawling

Familiar with data collecting from Internet using python. Includes both structure data and non-structure data like stream-videos.

Machine Learning

Experienced in experiment and implement varies architecture in Tensorflow & Keras.


Working knowledge of ETL process using python, MS-SQL, and Trinity.  


Working knowledge of Docker and Git.


Assistant, Vaguart,2018/6 - 2020/4

  • Online/offline process integration, including various purchase/sale channels and stock management.
  • Produce print on demand painting.

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Big data solution specialist in T-star ,2016/ 8 - 2017/ 4 

Create data platform from scratch, including:

  • Collect and manage data from the Internet or internal source.
  • Host data pipeline and troubleshooting.
  • Organize data and perform feature engineering to support the team experimenting with different data science projects.
  • Integrate data and build dashboards to support marketing teams for better decision making. 

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Big data engineer bootcamp,2016/ 2 - 2016/ 8

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Fu Jen Univeristy,2010 - 2015

Bachelor of Science in Physics.

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Video Scraping(freelancer job)

This project is designed to download videos from a video provider website. The website provided an m3u8 list for video streaming, encrypted by AES. 

The project is written in Python.

World of Warcraft Fishing Bot

I have developed three different versions of fishing bot every time I need to max out the fishing skill.

The first one based on VB-based QuickMacro(按鍵精靈), and the other two are in Python. I use three different approaches to find when to trigger the bobber, by the splash color, sound effect, and the cursor icon.

Fun fact: I never really get to use those bots. Since every time I had made the bot work, the fishing skill was long max out.

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Flow timer

A modified timer of the Pomodoro technique, the main change is that users can start or end sessions as they want but still maintain a fixed amount of rest time. The new timer is supposed to help users to get back to work after breaks.

The project is written in JS and React.



Algorithms: Design and Analysis

The one of the two highest praised algorithm course on internet, the course's curriculum includes all of those most widely taught algorithms and with good dose of mathematical proving.

Data Structures: An Active Learning Approach

This course is basically a interaction book with quizzes, the course's curriculum includes most of those common data structures with quite a bit of mathematics. 

Udacity deep learning nanodegree

The course concludes several most important deep learning networks including CNN, RNN and GANs.

Udacity artificial intelligent nanodegree

The course surveys common algorithms and applications in AI, from solving Suduku to using OpenCV and implements facial keypoint detection.

Machine Learning with Python: from Linear Models to Deep Learning

An MIT MOOC on Edx features that have similar workload as on-campus students, the course covers important topics like SVM, collaborative filtering, and the EM algorithm.

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