Devin Winando

 A student from Indonesia who has an interest in programming, especially Web Programming.  I love to solve and arrange code like a puzzle. Expecting myself to be a great programmer that can solve real problems in the real world with my code.

Currently learning about everything. Still and always learning!


 Cirebon, West Java, Indonesia


[email protected]     


  • Programming Languages: Javascript, Typescript, PHP
  • Front-end Development: HTML, CSS, SCSS, Bootstrap, Tailwind, ReactJS, NextJS
  • Back-end Development: Laravel, NodeJS, ExpressJS, AdonisJS
  • Database: MySQL, Firebase
  • Version Controll: Git, Github


  • Indonesian — Native
  • English — Proficiency


Software Engineering  • SMKN 1 Cirebon City 

2019 - 2022

  • Website development: HTML, CSS, PHP
  • Object Oriented Programming: Java
  • Database: MySQL
  • Software Modelling: ERD, Flow Chart, Development Model
  • Mobile Development: Flutter


HTML-CSS Team • Bellshade 

Oct 2021 - Mar 2022

An organization engaged in education and is open source. Bellshade is managed under the auspices of the Web Programming Unpas (WPU) community. For more information, please visit Contributed to maintaining HTML-CSS Repository, reviewing pull requests, discussing and making features for some projects.


 HTML-CSS Helper •  Web Programming Unpas's Discord Channel

Oct 2021 - Mar 2022

Contributed to answering questions from members of Web Programming Unpas's Discord Channel about HTML, CSS, SASS, and CSS Frameworks.

Sertifikasi dan Lisensi

NodeJS Backend Development with Adonis

Jabar Coding Camp

Issued April 2022 · No Expiration Date

Progate - SASS


Issued December 2021 · No Expiration Date

Progate - JavaScript


Issued December 2021 · No Expiration Date

Progate - Git


Issued December 2021 · No Expiration Date

Progate - Node.JS


Issued December 2021 · No Expiration Date

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