Diamond Hung

Frontend Developer

 [email protected]



  • Logical and Computational Thinking 

Solid training and strict education during college, and good at logical thinking and problem solving.

  • Experienced in integrating frontend and backend 

With solid development skills and possesses 4-year experience at backend/frontend, and experienced in coordinating internal resources.

  • Active in advanced develop skills 

Participate in some frontend community and continue to focus on frontend technology and trends.

[THE F2E CHALLENGE] (https://challenge.thef2e.com/user/851)

  • Diversified experience

Familiar with education, computer science, research and development fields.


Frontend Developer / HK Uranus Technology (dropbuy) [ 2017/6 - 2019/10]

-dropbuy (purchasing matching-service) [dropbuy.global]
  • Develop purchasing matching-service platform (Vue.js)
    • Recommended commodities display
    • Transaction system
    • Blog system
    • Album system
  • develop CMS for admin (AngularJS, v6)
  • CI/CD
    • design CI/CD flow with backend engineer
    • using drone integrate Bitbucket, AWS(ECS, Lambda, ELB, S3, SES, etc) and Slack
-GolaGola (delivery matching-service) [www.golagola.com]

  • Service static website (Vue.js)
  • develop CMS for couriers and clients (Vue.js)

Internet Engineer / Sanlih E-Television co., ltd [ 2016/6 - 2017/6 ]

  • Maintain Sanlih E-Television official website (full-stack)
    • official website (frontend): AngularJS, npm, bower
    • CMS (backend): Nginx, PHP(Laravel 5.0), composer

  • Maintain MTV  channel Taiwan
    • MTV official website (frontend)
    • MTV 2018 Asia Music Stage event website (full-stack)

  • Other event website (frontend)

    • 2017 Chinese New Year
    • Hero at Taiwan website (臺灣真英雄)
    • Taiwanese Nursery Rhymes (臺灣囡仔歌學習網)

Engineer / HODO Mobile Multimedia co., ltd [ 2015/2 - 2016/6 ]

  • Advertising system (full-stack)

- Maintain APP advertising system: 

    • maintain existing advertising system
    • develop new features
    • data visualization (frontend)

    - Develop web advertising system: 

      • develop javascript sdk for website hosts that display ads.
      • develop push system
      • develop CMS for advertisers and admin
    • Mobile push notification service‎ (full-stack)
      • develop push system
      • design advertisement budget decrement algorithm
      • develop CMS for advertisers and admin 
      • generate data report and data visualization (frontend)
    • Web push notification service (full-stack)
      • develop javascript sdk for website hosts that want to push notification to subscribed users.
      • develop push notification system
      • develop CMS for clients and admin
      • generate data report and data visualization (frontend)
    • E-commerce platform for online stores (full-stack)
      • develop RWD website (frontend)
      • develop CMS for online stores
      • create customized reports to analyze the consumption habits of clients

    PM / Super Media Entertainment co., ltd [ 2014/2 - 2014/12 ]

    • system analyze and generate technical website specification
    • develop a project plan to monitor and track progress
    • coordinate internal resources and outsourcing for the execution of project




    Framework: Vue.js, ReactJS, AngularJS

    Revision control

    Git (gitflow)



    Cloud services

    AWS: S3, EC2, RDS, DynamoDB, SMS, Lambda, etc.

    GCP: Firebase(firestore, fcm)

    Web develop 

    HTML5, Canvas, SVG
    CSS3 (scss) 


    Nation Taiwan Normal University, Taiwan [ 2007/9 - 2014/1 ]
    (suspension for 3 years during 2009-2012.)

    - Master's degree, department of Information and Computer Education
    - Thesis: A Study of Peer Interaction in Online Discussion Activities Based on Social Network Analysis.

    Fu Jen Catholic University, Taiwan

    Bachelor's degree, department of Library and Information Science
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