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Dice Dreams username, as well as any number of currencies you want to receive. As there are no limits on how many currencies you can get, feel free to type inor even more, and click to submit.Once you do, a generator will start, and then you'll be asked to complete the human verification to prove you aren't a bot. To do this, simply choose one of two offered tasks, including downloading a free game or answering a survey. Once you get past the human verification, simply restart the game and you'll notice the coins and rolls in your account instantly!There's no need to wait or download any suspicious files which may harm your device. Moreover, you can always come back 

Dice Dreams is a casual multiplayer board game set in the animated fantasy world, in which you roll the dice and use those rolls for various actions. The story revolves around Bob, who returns to his kingdom and realizes it has been attacked.After gathering his peons, they start rebuilding his kingdom and battle to regain the throne as King. You can attack other kingdoms, steal the coins or loot from them, all by rolling the dice. Dice Dreams features colorful and cartoon-like graphics and various sound effects for a more immersive gameplay experience. 

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