盧駿軒 Dickson Lo

Come from Hong Kong, live in Taiwan.
Research on the UX design and new technology is my interest.


Product management and Product design

[email protected]


Chinese Culture University

Department of Forestry and Nature Conservation - Graduated in June 2015

Work Experience

Narrow Pacific-App/Web Product Manager, Since March, 2021, in service

  • Market research (competitive industries of the same type, related cooperative industries)
  • Contact potential users, collect functional feedback (user survey)
  • Product Design
  • Communicate with various departments
  • Agile software development
  • Document write: PRD, FRD, wireframe
  • Design acceptance

YC Startup School 2018 Winter, Startup Experience

  • Market research (competitive industries of the same type, related cooperative industries)
  • Contact potential users, collect functional feedback (user survey)
  • Agile software development
  • Collecting data with MixPanel

INNO-OZ-App/Web Product Manager, Since May, 2016 to March 2021

  • Assisting the company's customers from planning to app release a total of 5-6.
  • Improve the company's internal processes: Unification of API file format, from tradition Word files to Apiary, effectively accelerate the development process and reduce communication costs.
  • Leading the company's internal products (Facebook Live Streaming) planing to development, due to Facebook Streaming usage policy issue are not officially available, but the App Beta version has been completed.


Document writing: FRD, BRD, Issue track report, Product flow, Wireframe

Tools: Axure RP, Prototype Tools: Marvel, Invision, Flinto. Sketch, Mixpanel

Languages: Markdown, HTML & SCSS, Basic JavaScript

Others Tools: Slack, Trello, Productboard, RealtimeBoard, Gantt Chart, Postman, Notion for product management



 Fb Live Streaming

I have tried different Prototype Tools, and the Prototype made by Marvel is the fastest to complete and easy to publish to different units.


Axure Math Calculation

Making a calculator with the formula function in Axure, the Wireframe experience can be more realistic.

Movie Checking

The same type of product analysis, planning the most basic functions required and smooth use process.


This project is in cooperation with NTUT, based on negative carbon products, allowing consumers to reduce carbon while shopping.  Website

Jewelry Auction Frontend & Jewelry Auction Backend: An Auction House Product. The main feature of this product is online bidding. Website

E-commerce customize product page : This is a e-commerce design document, here is wireframe, Use case, UI flow and Mind map.



Due to work requirements, I often contact API files of different formats. P.M and engineers need to spend more time to understand and communicate, so try to unify the company's internal development file format.

Other Side Product (YC Startup School 2018 Winter Program)

Petter :

It is a product that I hope to be a startup product, which I developed together with my partner.

Create a community system for pet owners and pet related services.

In June 2018, he applied to participate in the YC Startup 2018 Winter Program and officially participated in September.

User Survey: Interview with Pet

Service Merchants Data collection and analysis: Mixpanel

Mockup production: Axure RP

Agile development process: build and organize functional projects with Trello and Productboard

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